ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Doc Edition

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Published by GrapeCity
Distributed by ComponentSource since 1996

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I found the ComponentOne TrueData...

neilNew Zealand1 star
I found the ComponentOne TrueData controls too buggy and unreliable. My code was filling up with 'fixes' to work around problems so their controls would work properly. After converting a DAO project to ADO, I found the ADO versions of the controls crashing all over the place. Maybe it was my computer, but I suspect not. No other controls that I use cause ADO crashes. Anyway, that was as much as I was prepared to put up with, so I dumped TrueData and I'm now using Janus GridEx for grids, plus went back to intrinsic dropdown controls. I haven't had any more ADO problems. My code is signficantly smaller, I've been able to add more features due to better interaction with the control (including sub-classing) and I've found GridEx to be extremely reliable, despite it not having had any updates for a while. TrueData would be good if it was reliable, but despite lots of fixes, I've not seen any improvements. Please note that ComponentOne VSFlexGrid does NOT suffer from these problems and is a good, reliable control. If you want a nice, easy to use grid, although not with all the binding methods of TrueData, then try Janus GridEx. I haven't found a good multi-column combo to replace TrueDBCombo (which I liked, except for it's reliability), so I built one using GridEx.