ComponentOne Zip for Mobile Devices

ComponentOne Zip for Mobile Devices lets you create, open, and manage industry standard zip files. You can also add compression and encryption to any .NET stream (including memory, file, and network streams). ComponentOne Zip for Mobile Device’s class library is architected to provide developers with three levels of programmatic control. At the most abstract level you take total control over zip files, but when you need more power and flexibility, you can work directly with the low level data compression engine. This object model simplifies the process adding robust data compression and zip file manipulation functionality to your .NET applications. Compatible with Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 (VS2005, VS2008)

ComponentOne Zip for Mobile Devices is part of the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and ComponentOne Studio for Mobile Devices.

High Level Classes: C1ZipFile, C1ZipEntry, and C1ZipEntryCollection - The highest level classes in the ComponentOne Zip for Mobile Devices library include the C1ZipFile, C1ZipEntry, and C1ZipEntryCollection classes. These classes give you the power to create, open, and easily manage industry standard zip files. With these classes, you can inspect the contents of zip...

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ComponentOne Studio Subscription Amnesty!
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