PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET

PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET is a suite of 20 AJAX enabled (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) controls that allow you to build Web applications that don't require a postback. Just like the Microsoft intrinsic controls, LiveControls trigger events in code-behind, but do not require the client browser to be refreshed when data is sent back to the browser. Commonly known as Ajax, or client callback, this technique helps you create richer and cleaner Web applications by eliminating the flicker and delays associated with a postback, providing a smoother Windows-like behavior for the application. No need for Flash, Java Applets, or complex JavaScript, and extensive browser compatibility is automatically provided.


  • The ability to manipulate non-LiveControls in Code-Behind and have them updated on the client without a refresh (this is not guaranteed to work with all 3rd party controls)
  • Addition of Windows-like mouse, key, and click events to visual LiveControls
  • No need for Java applets, Flash, or complex JavaScript
  • Will automatically fallback to standard ASP.NET postbacks when unsupported browser detected
  • Compatible with IE 5.0 +, IE 5 Mac, Mozilla 1.3+, Mozilla 1.3+ Mac, Galeon, Konqueror and...

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Single Developer License. You may install the software on up to two computers for your personal use only. If the licensee is an organization, it may designate one individual within the organization...

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  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • .NET Class
  • 100% Managed Code

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We have been extremely pleased with the technical sophistication of LiveControls. It has allowed us to extend the functionality in our own products without the significant investment to know and... Read more

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