About DataGridXL

The no-nonsense super fast JavaScript Excel-like data table.

DataGridXL provides a Microsoft Excel-like experience for Web Apps. DataGridXL is a performant data grid, written in JavaScript ES6 with performance and usability in mind. DataGridXL is just like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, keyboard, mouse and touchscreen controls are familiar to your users. It is lightweight and super fast, with no dependencies you can display thousands of rows and columns without any problem. DataGrid XL works with JSON, CSV, SQL, React, Vue and Angular.

Programmer Friendly -  Dozens of demos, extensive docs, even an interactive API playground.

Built in the 2020s - Backed by a store & state model, just like React. Modern and reliable.

Top Notch Support - Support is fast and includes live code examples.

Framework Compatible - React, Angular, Vue and the next big thing: DataGridXL is compatible.

DataGridXL Features

  • Resize Columns
  • Reorder Columns
  • Reorder Rows
  • (Un)freeze Rows
  • (un)freeze Columns
  • Search Cells
  • Multi-range Selection
  • (un)hide Rows
  • (Un)hide Columns
  • Fullscreen Mode