DataGrip Releases

July 30, 2018

Updates in 2018.2


  • Full SQL log - See every query that DataGrip runs in the console output. Whether it’s your SQL or something DataGrip needs to run internally, check the Output tab to understand what’s going on.
  • SQL log file - All queries from the IDE are now logged in a text file.
  • New SQL formatter - You can create custom Code Style schemes and any of them can be used specifically for each data source.
  • Running stored procedures - This long-awaited feature has been implemented. Select Execute from the...
April 05, 2018

Updates in 2018.1


  • SQL log - While updating data you can now see which particular queries DataGrip is running.
  • Schema switch mode - Now you can tell DataGrip how to switch schemas. The following settings are available:
    • Automatic: DataGrip can switch schemas during internal operations when defining the context.
    • Manual: DataGrip cannot switch schemas during internal operations. However, you can switch them manually via the switcher in the top-right corner.
    • Disabled: If you work with pg_bouncer, no more...
December 07, 2017

Updates in 2017.3


  • Database tree view
    • Group data sources - Press F6 or choose Move to group… from the context menu.
    • Drag-and-drop multiple objects - Now you can drag-n-drop several objects from the database tree view to an editor.
    • Managing schemas - Replaced the Schemas… node in the database tree with the lightweight hover, showing the number of schemas is currently displayed. Click on it to add or hide schemas.
    • New supported objects - Users and roles are now displayed in PostgreSQL and AWS Redshift...
July 27, 2017

Updates in 2017.2


  • New DBMS support Microsoft Azure and Amazon Redshift - Microsoft Azure is similar to SQL Server, so DataGrip adds a dedicated driver, UI for adding the data source and some enhancements in the introspection. For Amazon Redshift the introspection is now incremental. This means that only modified objects will be refreshed in a database tree after any operation instead of all objects. Also, DataGrip now supports specific cases in SQL grammar which are different from PostgreSQL. For example...
March 21, 2017

Updates in 2017.1


Database tree

  • New schema management - Now the schema selection UI is a tree with the ability to choose if you want to introspect the current schema/database or, all schemas/databases. ‘Schemas...’ node in the database view will also show this tree. The Schemas tab comes back to the data source properties dialog. We added the Pattern field where you can describe what you want to be introspected. The Ctrl+Q shortcut will give you information about the syntax.
  • SQL resolution scopes - Now...
November 29, 2016

Updates in 2016.3


  • Source Code Storage
    • Find usages inside views/procedures - Now DataGrip lets you find usages of tables/views inside other views, stored procedures and functions.
    • Triggers support - Now DataGrip shows triggers in all popular management systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase.
    • Open DDL in console - In addition to Copy DDL, there is now a new action in the context menu: Open DDL in Сonsole.
    • Materialized views in PostgreSQL - Source code is now available and materialized...
July 27, 2016

Updates in 2016.2


  • UI for importing CSV files.
  • JSON and XML in strings support.
  • Dynamic SQL support.
  • Editing enhancements in PostgreSQL.
  • Keyboard layout aware completion.
  • Recompiling packages in Oracle.
  • Support for ligatures.
May 11, 2016

Updates in 2016.1.1

  • An important update for all IntelliJ-based IDEs - This update addresses critical security vulnerabilities inside the underlying IntelliJ Platform. The vulnerabilities, in various forms, are also present in older versions of the IDEs; therefore, patches for those are also available.
  • Built-in web server vulnerabilities - The cross-site request forgery (CSRF) flaw in the IDE’s built-in webserver allowed an attacker to access local file system from a malicious web page without...
April 28, 2016

Updates in 2016.1


  • Copy Passwords with SSH Settings - You can now copy a password along with all other SSH settings between data sources.
  • Custom URL Support - If you’re using a DBMS that DataGrip doesn’t directly support, you’ll be prompted to create a custom JDBC URL template that will be used to extract information (like login or address) from that URL.
  • Port Number Auto Corrections - New SQL Server connection inspections will inform you if you have specified an incorrect port...