Desaware Licensing System

The Desaware Licensing System is a cryptographic based licensing system for .NET. Designed for per server/machine and component licensing, it is extremely easy to use and can be configured for both moderate and high security scenarios. With 128 bit end to end cryptographic licensing, the Desaware Licensing System does not depend on hidden files, registry entries or other invasive techniques.

Using unique security features in the .NET Framework such as strong named assemblies and XML signatures, the Desaware Licensing System relies on end to end cryptographic techniques, avoiding the use of hidden files, registry entries and other traditional licensing schemes.

A selection of the new features in this product include:

  • Incredibly easy to use. Learn and deploy in minutes
  • No hidden files, registry entries, or background services needed
  • End-to-end cryptographic based, avoids the need for...

Latest News

Licensing System supports .NET 4.0
Licensing System supports .NET 4.0
Desaware Licensing System V2.0 adds support for .NET 4.0 x32 and x64, and features built-in subscription expiration.
Desaware Licensing System V1.6 released
Desaware Licensing System V1.6 released
Latest release adds native WPF code entry control, new WebCodeEntry control and FIPS compliance.

Prices from: $ 1,465.10

There are two parts for the Desaware Licensing System. A "Client" used by the developer to add licensing to your applications , and a "Server" that verifies the licenses. Each part may be installed...

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Component Type
  • .NET WinForms
  • .NET Class
  • .NET Web Service
  • 100% Managed Code

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thestorysUSA5 star
Licensing is a very complex proposition. When you add in the need to obfuscate and otherwise attempt to protect your intellectual property rights/copyright, it can really be a daunting task... Read more

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