About Desaware Licensing System

Add a cryptographic licensing system to your .NET apps.

The Desaware Licensing System is a cryptographic based licensing system for .NET. Designed for per server/machine and component licensing, it is extremely easy to use and can be configured for both moderate and high security scenarios. With 128 bit end to end cryptographic licensing, the Desaware Licensing System does not depend on hidden files, registry entries or other invasive techniques.

Using unique security features in the .NET Framework such as strong named assemblies and XML signatures, the Desaware Licensing System relies on end to end cryptographic techniques, avoiding the use of hidden files, registry entries and other traditional licensing schemes.

A selection of the new features in this product include:

  • Incredibly easy to use. Learn and deploy in minutes
  • No hidden files, registry entries, or background services needed
  • End-to-end cryptographic based, avoids the need for 'secrets', and makes it possible to offer an optional full source code license to the technology
  • Cryptographic certificate licensing avoids the need to modify the client system
  • Supports licensing of partial-trust components once the licensing component is installed on a client system. Ideal for 'no-touch' deployment and web deployment scenarios
  • Allows a variety of security levels from high (activation required), to low (activation optional) - allowing it to be used even on systems without full time internet connections
  • Optional Deferred server activation - allows installation without an Internet connection, with activation following when a connection is available
  • Simultaneous product registration supported
  • Cryptographic techniques allow binding to systems without compromising privacy
  • Includes server management tools, and the ability to tie in to any Framework compatible database
  • Use to license an unlimited number of applications at no extra cost

The Desaware Licensing System is itself licensed on a per-server/development system basis using its own technology.

  • Flexible security: Optional server activation for maximum security
  • Includes activation web service, with management application (with source)
  • Activation web service runs on any IIS machine
  • Timed demo installation supported
  • System identification algorithm can be completely customized
  • LicenseProvider support offered for components - but not required
  • Once the client component is installed in the GAC or installation directory, supports licensing of partially trusted software
  • Encrypted connections to the activation server does not require SSL
  • Tie into the database of your choice, or use the automatic defaults

The Desaware Licensing System is designed for per-machine licensing of applications or components. Installation codes are generated on a server for use during installation of Microsoft .NET Framework-based applications and components. During activation, the code is verified by the server before it issues a licensing certificate bound to the client machine. The Microsoft .NET Framework technology prevents techniques traditionally used to avoid licensing (modifying programs or substituting alternate licensing code). XML signatures prevent modification of the certificate, and certificates will only work on the machine for which they are created. The server controls how many systems each installation code supports, allowing for licensing multiple machines using a single installation code. The result is hardware quality security, without the use of external hardware.