DevExpress Universal 15.2.6 released

March 02, 2016

Updates in 15.1.6

DXSpreadsheet for WPF

  • Provide the capability to obtain bounds of a particular visible cell.

MVVM Framework

  • Improve the MVVM demos to demonstrate how a parameter can be passed to a command bound using custom behavior.
  • NavigationService - The page is not found when a full type name of a view is used.

Report Server

  • Report Server - Provide a way to get a report by its name.

XtraBars Suite

  • RadialMenu - Add the Tag property.
  • RibbonForm - Add the capability to specify the caption's alignment.

XtraEditors Library

  • ToastNotificationManager - Provide a way to set a notification message image path manually.
  • TreeListLookUpEdit - Provide a binding to a nested object's properties after assigning a DataSource.
  • XtraMessageBox - Provide the Help button functionality.

XtraGrid Suite

  • Documentation - Add a note that icons from format rules are not shown in the print preview and exported documents when the WYSIWYG export engine is used.
  • Documentation - Add a note that the grid can be grouped only by one column when the AllowPartialGroups property is enabled to the GridOptionsBehavior.AllowPartialGroups Property help article.


  • Add a property to CalculateDocumentVariableEventArgs to enable inserting an additional hidden paragraph before the content.


  • Improve performance on inserting large tables in a worksheet.
  • Improve the number format recognition engine to find correspondent long date or time formats for the selected format.