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Ramzi Bensmail Qatar5 star

Great support!

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Mauro Rigoni Italy3 star

Good product but too "heavy" both as resources and as a file to distribute and manage.

Ramzi Bensmail verified customerQatar5 star

Great support!

Gianmaria verified customerItaly5 star


Félix Hernando verified customerSpain5 star

Very complete and powerful.

Mauro Rigoni verified customerItaly3 star

Good product but too "heavy" both as resources and as a file to distribute and manage.

Name Withheld verified customerFrance5 star
Marco verified customerItaly5 star

Great product, very complete. I say this even though I am aware that I will be able to use the possibilities only to a small extent. Surely it takes a long time to learn how to use such complete controls: the investment in time is repaid by the quality that can characterize the final software product. It's interesting to note that having the availability of complete and functional controls, observing their characteristics (even only in the help or in the demo), can arouse the emergence of new ideas and possibilities, feed creativity.

Name Withheld verified customerUSA5 star
Name Withheld verified customerUSA5 star

I've been using this product for over 15 years. It's possible there are other better products out there but I'm happy with the set of components this suite offers. They come out with 2 major updates each year and are trying to stay current with the newest development trends. Their support forum is also an excellent source of information and examples.

Manuel Iraizos verified customerMexico5 star
Name Withheld verified customerTaiwan ROC5 star

No hesitation at all while making a purchase decision. Purchasing a tool that takes a team and several years of work with a cost of a developer's one-month salary is such a value deal. The product is stable, professional and looks great!