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Marco Italy5 star

Great product, very complete. I say this even though I am aware that I will be able to use the possibilities only to a small extent. Surely it takes a long time to learn how to use such complete... Read more

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timUnited Kingdom3 star
Great suite of controls - used for several years now, But the help and support so severely lacking its almost useless. I use CSLA.NET so binding to ILists is important for me and most of the examples... Read more
Chris Boot verified customerUnited Kingdom5 star

Used for day to day work, I've taken the opportunity to purchase the suite for myself to further improve my skill-set in DevExpress products. As a winforms developer looking to move into web in future, I cannot recommend their suite of tools or their support highly enough.

Name Withheld verified customerItaly5 star
Name Withheld verified customerGermany5 star
Name Withheld verified customerSpain5 star
Yotta verified customerKorea, Republic Of5 star
Teeejii verified customerFinland4 star
Name Withheld verified customerSlovak Republic5 star
Jose Luis Ortega verified customerSpain5 star
Name Withheld verified customerGermany5 star
marcello.salamone verified customerITALIA, Italy5 star

This is a must have extension to Visual Studio to increase the quality of the software developed and dramatically reduce production time. This product is well supported with constant updates, rich depth of documentation - with competent people to deal with. Recommended.