About DevExtreme Web

Dynamic client side data visualization.

DevExtreme Web includes HTML5 JS data grid, map, pivot grid, chart and gauge widgets. It helps you create traditional websites, sites that target mobile devices or native apps built with HTML5 JavaScript and compiled with Adobe Cordova (PhoneGap). DevExtreme Web provides high-performance and elegant data visualization options for all your business intelligence needs.

Data Visualization
DevExtreme Web provides a comprehensive set of visualization widgets that allow you to transform data to its most appropriate, concise, and readable visual representation. All chart widgets can be transformed into dashboards that effectively convey information. All charts and gauges that ship as part of the DevExtreme Web library can easily be themed and styled to address any business requirement.

Trouble-free Configuration
All DevExpress chart and gauge widgets provide straightforward configuration options so you spend less time customizing your chart and more time addressing business requirements.

Works on all Devices
Dashboards built using DevExtreme Web widgets work across all popular desktop and mobile browsers. Charts adapt to any platform, form and orientation, maintaining flexibility, speed and appearance.

Multi-Purpose HTML5 Widgets
DevExtreme Web Edition ships with a rich library of touch-enabled JavaScript widgets for use in your next web project.

Data Visualization

  • Bullet
  • Chart
  • Gauge
  • Grid
  • Pivot Grid
  • Range Selector
  • Sparkline
  • Tree Map
  • Vector Map


  • Accordion
  • Map
  • Menu
  • MultiView
  • Navbar
  • Tab
  • Tab Panel
  • Toolbar
  • Tree View

Actions and Lists

  • Button
  • Context Menu
  • File Uploader
  • Gallery
  • List
  • Lookup
  • Tile View


  • Autocomplete
  • Calendar
  • Check Box
  • Color Box
  • Date Box
  • Number Box
  • Select Box
  • Switch
  • Tag Box
  • Text Area
  • Text Box
  • Validator

Forms and Multi-Purpose

  • Box
  • Field Set
  • Form
  • Radio Group
  • Range Slider
  • Responsive Box
  • Scheduler
  • Scroll View
  • Slider

Dialogs and Notification Panels

  • Load Panel
  • Popover
  • Popup
  • Progress Bar
  • Toast
  • Tooltip