About .netCHARTING

Display large amounts of dynamically generated chart data quickly and easily.

.netCHARTING provides a managed charting solution for C# and VB.NET developers working with ASP.NET or WinForms. It combines visually stunning graphics and a comprehensive interface that help add compelling charts to your apps. This high performance charting control also contains a feature rich data access and aggregation system with calculation support.

Major Features and Benefits

  • JavaScript and HTML5 Charts - Easily enable JavaScript Charting with seamless mobile, iOS, Android and tablet support, at no additional charge, with every .netCHARTING license. In addition to visual parity with .netCHARTING's stunning server-side output, the JavaScript charts provide advanced animation and rich client side interactivity support.
  • Modern Web Aesthetics - Get a fresh new look for your old charts without a single line of code. Automatically improve the look and feel of your legacy charts simply by using the latest version of .netCHARTING. If you are attached to your legacy look, you can easily maintain it with a simple setting and enable the new look on a chart by chart basis instead.
  • InfoGrids - InfoGrids produce results similar to data grid controls; however, they are created and drawn within the chart image itself. As a result, an InfoGrid can be styled to produce a significantly more polished and integrated grid that users can take with them, along with that chart, in a single image file.
  • Rich Tooltips - Complex tooltips are now supported with inline formatted image text, MicroCharts, InfoGrids and even full chart previews ideal for drilldown cases and to provide convey more information to the end user.
  • Calendar Pattern Support - Define custom calendar patterns to implement axis markers. Calendar patterns will enable you to highlight a specific event or region of your data which reoccurs including marking weekends or other recurring events. They can also be used to trim data and to specify scale breaks.
  • Label Tokens and Expressions - Use tokens and mathematical expressions within labels to simplify the creation of dynamically generated labels.
  • Box Header Styling - An advanced new box header system has been added supporting 10,000+ unique combinations with the advanced alignment and endcap visuals, shadows, offsets and much more.
  • Scale Breaks - Often a chart has a few outlier data points which result in charts that are not legible for the bulk of the data. For example, if you had a chart of 100 values between 1 and 10 but 2 of the values were over 1,000 you could not accurately determine the values due to a compressed scale.
  • GIS Mapping Support - Maps support unlimited numbers of layers and can accept real data, readily available online, for the entire globe.
  • Chart Mentor - The chart mentor offers useful tips and samples based on the chart you are creating. It can help you resolve problems and improve the implementation of your chart in the most efficient way.
  • ImageBars - ImageBars provide stunning themed, pictorial representations in bar form.
  • Multiple chart areas sharing axes - Create multiple independent chart areas within a single chart image. Advanced automatic alignment functionality enables a single axis to span multiple chart areas and automatically align with each other.
  • Axis Zooming - This innovative new feature can also be combined with interactive image map features of .netCHARTING for drill down zoom functionality.
  • Stunning Visuals - The inclusion of more visually appealing charts will help expand the appeal of your application or web site to a broader audience.
  • MicroCharts - MicroCharts are miniature versions of actual charts, designed to help viewers understand complex relationships between data in repetitive scenarios such as data grids or InfoGrids.
  • Unparalleled Customization - As charting requirements become more advanced, it is crucial that your charting component is able to keep up to your developers' demands. .netCHARTING is extremely flexible and able to meet even the most extensive requirements.
  • Element Sub Values - As part of a comprehensive system for representing errors in collected data, .netCHARTING supports multiple sub values rendered as error bars, lines and markers.
  • Statistics / Financial Indicators - Advanced statistical and financial indicators are built into the .netCHARTING API providing quick access to complex data analysis functionality.
  • Chart Type Customization - With the powerful and flexible approach to chart types different series can be set to different chart types at the same time in the same chart.
  • Data Sources - Utilizing a flexible UI for data acquisition, virtually any data source can be used to populate charts with data.
  • Comprehensive Output Formats - Output formats are available to accommodate any scenario.
  • Hundreds of samples - A comprehensive array of samples and tutorials ensures that you will be able to quickly jump start your chart development without needing to review the extensive API documentation which is also available.
  • Smart Features - .netCHARTING's "Smart" features allow you to concentrate on the project at hand while the component automatically tunes the chart to meet your specific needs.
  • Smart Label Support - The “smart label” system ensures that labels do not collide or overlap even when chart elements are very close to each other.
  • Smart Time Axes - A feature which quickly, intuitively and, with a minimum of labels, conveys time related data on the axis.
  • Automatic Date Aggregation - Automatically group data by weeks, months, years and more - before the chart is plotted.