DevExpress Windows 10 Apps Releases

Released: Aug 27, 2020

Updates in 20.1.7


Installation (Microsoft .NET)

  • The DevExpress installer checks for LogifySend.exe file updates even if the "I do not wish to participate..." option was chosen.

Released: Jul 16, 2020

Updates in 20.1.6


Grid for UWP (Microsoft Windows 10)

  • GridControl does not use DisplayFormat settings from its columns in certain filtering scenarios.

Ribbon for UWP (Microsoft Windows 10)

  • Textbox in the layout loses focus when a keyboard language changes.

Released: Jun 4, 2020

Updates in 20.1.4


Grid for UWP (Windows 10)

  • Cell editor in NewIteRow loses its value when GridControl becomes unfocused.

Released: Mar 26, 2020

Updates in 19.2.7


Editors for UWP (Windows 10)

  • DateEdit causes a memory leak.

Grid for UWP (Windows 10)

  • GridColumn's drag header elements don't disappear when holding and moving a column header on a touch screen.
  • GridControl's context menu isn't shown when a column header is right-clicked on a tablet device.
  • Provide the GridControl.CustomCellAppearance event.

Released: Dec 19, 2019

Updates in 19.2.5


  • Conditional formatting doesn't work with enum properties
  • GridControl does not render its cells if its source is assigned when Visibility is changed from Collapsed to Visible
  • GridControl is incorrectly rendered after resizing

Released: Nov 22, 2019

Updates in 19.2.4


  • Data Library - Blank rows are displayed in GridControl if an empty ObservableCollection is assigned to the RealTimeSource.DataSource property.

Released: Oct 25, 2019

Updates in 19.2


Data Grid

  • Conditional Formatting - The Windows 10 Data Grid now supports conditional formatting. Conditional formatting allows you to change the appearance of individual cells and rows based on specific conditions.
  • Asynchronous Row Rendering - You can now enable the AllowCascadeUpdate option and improve the grid's performance. Visible rows are loaded one by one, in a background thread. To provide visual feedback, the data grid plays an animation during load operations.


  • New...

Released: Oct 18, 2019

Updates in 19.1.7


Grid for Windows 10 Apps

  • The VisibleIndex property does not change the current column order

Scheduler for Windows 10 Apps

  • SchedulerControl does not raise the ItemClicked and EditAppointmentDialogShowing events when an appointment from the "More" popup is clicked

Released: Sep 12, 2019

Updates in 19.1.6


Installation (.NET)

  • The /FORCEMANUAL command-line option is not documented

Scheduler for Windows 10 Apps

  • SchedulerControl does not save Location for new appointments

Released: Aug 1, 2019

Updates in 19.1.5


Controls for Windows 10 Apps

  • A new UWP project cannot be created using DevExpress Template Gallery in VS2019.

Grid for Windows 10 Apps

  • Application crashes when opening the Search Panel if the GridControl is narrow.
  • GridControl does not reflect changes in ObservableCollection when its Insert method is used.
  • GridControl does not render some cells during the first load.
  • GridControl raises InvalidCastException on items binding.
  • Search in GridControl doesn't work if a column has a nonexistent...