Dynamic Web TWAIN Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for Dynamic Web TWAIN, please contact our Dynamsoft Corporation licensing specialists.

One Client Device License allows access to a same-origin Application (same protocol, same host, and same port) to use the functionalities provided by the Software from one unique Client Device.

A Client Device that has not accessed any functionality of the Software for a consecutive 90-day period is considered an inactive Client Device. The license seat taken by an inactive Client Device will be automatically released and available for use by any other active Client Device.

Client Device means: (i) a desktop computer (Windows, macOS or Linux) that runs Dynamic Web TWAIN Service, or (ii) a browser client of a mobile device that accesses the Software

Licensed per year. All prices include one-year maintenance, which includes free software upgrade and premium support service.

Upon the expiration of subscription licenses, all rights granted to the Licensee under this Agreement (including but not limited to, the rights to use, and/or provide access to the Software) shall terminate unless renewed, and Licensee shall immediately: (a) cease incorporating the Software into the Application; (b) cease use of the Software (in any form, including partial copies in its possession or under its control), and (c) destroy and decommission all copies of the Software.

Please contact us for additional licensing options.

License Agreements

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September 26, 2023