Dynamic Web TWAIN Releases

Released: Jun 20, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V6.3

  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit TWAIN binaries (ActiveX Edition only)
  • Support for Firefox 4
  • Added the OnPostLoad event which is triggered after executing LoadImage/LoadImageEx
  • Optimized the LoadDibFromClipboard method
  • Optimized the image editor

Released: Mar 17, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V6.2

  • Support TWAIN Specification 2.1.
  • Compatible with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and Protected Mode.
  • Added Windows Authentication and Basic Authentication support for Plug-in Edition.
  • You can now install the ActiveX control to your personal folder.
  • Added IfShowFileDialog property to show the browse dialog box when loading and saving images.
  • Added IsBlankImageEx method to detect whether a certain area on an image is blank.
  • Added SaveSelectedImagesToBase64Binary to save selected...

Released: Sep 6, 2010

Updates in this release

Updates in V6.1

  • Simplified installation process for Chrome, Safari, Opera users
  • Now supports simple annotations
  • Now supports forms authentication
  • Now support certificate binding
  • Added session/cookie support for Plug-in Edition
  • Added the ability to remove selected images

Released: May 25, 2010

Updates in this release

Updates in V6.0

  • Now supports Firefox 3.6
  • Chrome, Opera, Safari on Windows now supported (Plug-in Edition).
  • Added barcode detection
  • Added multiple images selection
  • Added saving images to a byte array
  • Added loading an image from a byte array
  • Added uploading multiple images as a multipage PDF/TIFF file
  • Supports setting board color for selected images
  • Supports FTP passive mode
  • Supports specifying the field name when uploading through HTTP POST
  • Added rotating images by a specified angle
  • Added cutting...