About Dynamsoft Camera SDK

Document scanning API for cameras.

Dynamsoft Camera SDK is a programming API that converts document images taken with a camera into scanner-quality images. It supports document edge detection, auto crop from video streams and processing features including perspective correction, noise removal, contrast, brightness, and color filter (convert to a colored/gray document).

Dynamsoft Camera SDK Features

  • Automatic border detection - The document scanning and processing library can auto-detect the boundary of a document in a video sequence. This ensures accurate captures of the complete document, rather than document cut-offs.
  • Trimming and perspective correction - The SDK can extract the document from a cluttered or clean background by auto cropping and perspective distortion (trapezoid) correction.
  • Image enhancement - High-quality image enhancement enables cleanup and removes noise, shadows, distortions and other photo artifacts.
  • Image processing - The SDK is optimized for the document scanning applications and thus, offers image processing for rotating, cropping and converting to grayscale.
  • Offline - All operations take place on the smartphone of the users. From the second visit, no network connection is required. Note: Network connection is required for the first-time license activation.
  • I/O and PDF - Import local images; Export as JPEG and PNG; Export as a multi-page PDF
  • Customizable UI - Developers can fully customize the style of UI elements, such as icons and text.
  • Upload to Web Server - Both HTTP POST and HTTPS POST are supported.