ExpressGridPack 17.2.2

December 13, 2017

Updates in 17.2.2


  • New UI Adorner Manager - Designed to display interactive objects and apply visual effects to better communicate the state of your application to end-users. It allows you to paint badges on top of all other UI elements and create guides to highlight specific UI elements using a translucent layered window.
  • Conditional Formatting - The Grid, TreeList, and Vertical Grid controls now support Microsoft Excel-inspired conditional formatting of individual cells and entire rows/columns. You and your end-users can now highlight critical information, compare data, visualize trends and patterns using data bars, icons, and color scales. To help with rule customization at runtime, the cell formatting feature also provides the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager. Rule conditions built with Spreadsheet functions are also supported. The formatted content can be exported to HTML, PDF, XLS, and XLSX files. Format conditions exported to Excel files are compatible with native conditional formatting rules and can be customized using the VCL Spreadsheet Control or Spreadsheet apps such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Complete High DPI Awareness - This release adds per-monitor DPI awareness support to the utility applications, demos, as well as the following DevExpress VCL products: Grid, Scheduler, Pivot Grid, Vertical Grid, PDF Viewer, Printing-Exporting Library and Extended Lookup Editor. The entire VCL product line now supports per-monitor DPI awareness.
  • Touch-Friendly Scrolling - This release introduces a scrollbar mode optimized for touch-enabled applications. In this mode, the scrollbar thumb appears when an end-user hovers the mouse pointer over a control or scrolls through its content. The mouse pointer disappears if it is stationary or the control is not scrolled for some time. The scrollbar buttons are never displayed.
  • Grid Control - Fixed Data Rows in Table and Banded Table Views - You can now allow end-users to anchor specific data rows to either the top or bottom of the grid, so that when scrolling the data the pinned rows stay visible. End-users can click row pins or select a corresponding option in the row context menu to fix/unfix data rows.
  • Grid Control - Miscellaneous Enhancements
    • Added skin support to the built-in menus by dynamically converting them to ExpressBars popup menus.
    • Table View and Banded Table Views can optionally display images that correspond to Image Combo Box columns' group values in group rows.