ExpressGridPack 18.2.7

Released: May 7, 2019

Updates in 18.2.7


ExpressEditors Library

  • cxCheckListBox - An editor placed on an form does not add the cxCheckBox unit to the 'uses' clause, which can result in compile time errors if certain API members of the editor are used in code.
  • TcxButton - A TBasicAction descendant's OnHint event never occurs if the action object is linked to a button.
  • TcxCustomComboBox and descendants - A dropdown window scrollbar scales incorrectly.
  • TcxCustomTextEdit and descendants - An editor produces a sound on pressing the Ctrl+Enter key combination if the BeepOnEnter property is set to False.
  • TcxNavigator - Setting the navigator to display only the First, PriorPage, or Prior button (or any combination of them) hides the information panel.

ExpressLayout Control

  • An AV occurs on dragging a Tabbed layout group if the layout control uses a custom container whose IsFloatingSupported function returns False.

ExpressPrinting System

  • RichEdit Control Report Link - Printing certain tabbed space combinations causes the EAssertionFailed exception.
  • Spreadsheet Report Link - A floating image container is printed in low quality regardless of the source image's resolution.
  • The FSmoothlyStretchImages global variable's value in the dxPSCore unit is ignored.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • An error occurs on compiling a C++Builder project if it uses values from the TcxGridDateTimeFilter, TcxGridDateTimeGrouping, TcxGridShowItemFilterButtons, TcxGridItemFilterButtonShowMode, or TcxGridItemFilterPopupApplyChangesMode enumeration type.
  • Conditional Formatting - The "One or more expressions are incorrect" exception occurs on an attempt to create a rule via the "Conditional Formatting Rules Manager" dialog if the first affected cell's value does not meet the rule's criterion.
  • Master-Detail - A classic scrollbar is displayed on top of the first column's header when a detail view is expanded for the first time if the LookAndFeel.ScrollbarMode and TcxLookAndFeelController.ScrollbarMode property values are different.
  • Master-Detail - A selected master row's expand button blends with the background if the "TheBezier" skin is applied.


  • A cell with a date/time value shows minutes instead of a month if the formatting pattern includes one- or two-character macro for a month and a macro for seconds.
  • A custom in-place cell editor that overrides the default editor via an OnEditing event handler, scales twice when invoked for the first time on a monitor whose DPI differs from 96.
  • A memory corruption occurs when an OnEditing event handler returns a custom property set via the AProperties var parameter if the property set is not derived from the TcxCustomRichEditProperties class.
  • An RTF text string ignores vertical alignment within a merged cell.
  • Built-in function implementation can incorrectly choose between array and non-array result calculation modes.
  • It is impossible to copy or move formatted RTF strings between worksheet cells in a Spreadsheet control and Microsoft Excel via the clipboard.
  • Memory gets corrupted on scrolling a worksheet while a reference in a formula expression is being edited by dragging a cell selection.
  • Multiple consecutive document load operations can result in an AV if each loaded document contains a lot of shared strings, and the RTF formatting functionality is enabled.
  • TdxSpreadSheetReportDesigner - Binding to another dataset doesn't clear the field list accessible via the DataBinding.DataController property.
  • The OFFSET function can return an incorrect result.