ExpressGridPack 19.2.2

Released: Dec 4, 2019

Updates in 19.2.2


Grid Control

  • New ORM-Based Table View (Beta) - The VCL Grid Control ships with a new Table View that leverages the ExpressEntityMapping Framework and its data management capabilities. Like Server Mode Views, this View executes data-aware operations on the database side, allowing you to display large datasets at blazing fast speeds. In addition, the new View supports data editing and Master-Detail layouts. v19.2 also includes a new Data Source component that binds the View directly to an entity.
  • Calculated Fields - With this release, the VCL Grid, TreeList, and Vertical Grid controls allow you to calculate cell values (referenced as fields) for unbound columns/rows using formulas written as string expressions. Formulas can include any number of fields, constants, operators, and functions. You and your users can utilize the Expression Editor (with auto-complete support) to customize formulas.
  • Scrollbar Annotations - The Grid, TreeList, and Vertical Grid controls now support scrollbar annotations - colored markers arranged along the vertical scrollbar (or the horizontal scrollbar in the Vertical Grid control). Scrollbar annotations allow you to visualize:
    • Rows that match search results
    • Rows with validation errors
    • Focused/selected rows
    • Custom data, including hints
  • Extended Search Capabilities
    • Search Mode - The DevExpress VCL Grid, TreeList, and Vertical Grid controls now offer a new "Search" mode option. When "Search" mode is used, the controls highlight text matches within rows (non-matching values are never hidden). The Find Panel provides built-in support for this new option and displays Next/Previous buttons for quick navigation within results. When combined with scrollbar annotations, the Find Panel allows you to replicate the search behavior of modern IDEs and browsers.
    • Find Panel Enhancements
      • You can now switch between Filter and Search modes.
      • You can now search in group rows and preview sections.

New Formatted Label

  • The DevExpress ExpressEditors Library now ships with a Formatted Label that allows you to display text formatted via BBCode-inspired markup tags. The following formatting options are available:
    • Font face, style, and size
    • Foreground and background colors
    • Subscript and superscript characters
    • Hyperlinks
  • Either add/modify markup tags as plain text or allow the Formatted Label to convert RTF text as necessary. Unbound, data-aware, standalone, and in-place versions of the Formatted Label are available. The unbound version includes a design-time WYSIWYG editor for bidirectional RTF-to-markup conversion.

DPI Awareness

  • Per-monitor DPI Awareness v2 Support - This release adds per-monitor DPI awareness v2 support to the VCL products, utility applications, and demos (for native Windows style). This option allows UI elements to scale differently based upon the DPI factor applied to the display/monitor. The new feature will be available for Windows 10 systems (build 1703 or newer).

Layout Control

  • New Check Box and Radio Button Items - These new items are a lightweight replacement to standard VCL and DevExpress check box and radio button controls. Because of the optimized painting algorithms, these new layout items improve load times when compared to use of embedded controls. Painting is now up to seven times faster.
  • Design-Time Control Conversion - This release adds a design-time dialog to help you convert embedded controls to their built-in counterparts. To display the dialog, invoke the layout control's context menu and select "Convert Embedded Controls".


  • Right-To-Left Support - This release adds Right-to-Left (RTL) support to UI elements and worksheet content. Also added, is an option to switch the direction of individual worksheets. To enable RTL text in your application, switch its BiDiMode property to bdRightToLeft.
  • Performance Enhancements
    • The optimized formula parser allows formula-heavy documents to load approximately twice as fast (when compared to previous versions).
    • "Unique Values" and "Duplicate Values" conditional formatting rules are now applied two to ten times faster (when compared to previous versions).