Eyeshot Pro Releases

Released: Jun 20, 2023

Updates in 2023.2


  • Added DeleteTriangle() and SortAdjacency() methods to MeshEditor class.
  • All SketchManager.CreateXxxConstraint() methods now return the newly created constraint.
  • Renamed SketchManager.RemoveConstraint() method in SketchManager.DeleteConstraint().
  • Added Brep.FlipFace() method.
  • Added ICurve.ConvertToLinearPath() methods.
  • Added support for perpendicular planar curve projections into Sketch.
  • Removed Design.EditSketch() method in favor of SketchManager.Edit().
  • Improved Surface...

Released: Apr 5, 2023

Updates in 2023


New Architecture

  • Document classes have been introduced.
  • Workspace.Document now contains all the data required to draw the scene content.
  • Version 2022 GEntities have been removed.
  • Finally, a true cross-platform neutral core product is available.

New Features

  • Curve, Plane, Surface, and Volume meshers.
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.
  • Managed ReadDWG and ReadDXF classes.
  • Improved SpaceMouse support.
  • Static selection with halo.
  • NURBS curve and surface extension.
  • Lighter BRep tessellation...

Released: Sep 12, 2022

Updates in 2022.3


  • Added history-based, parametric modeling in SketcherDemo code sample.
  • Added support for interactive sketch trimming.
  • Added support for 'IfcAdvancedBrep' entity in 'ReadIFC' class.
  • Added 'Project3D' machining strategy.
  • Added projected leads in 'Contour3D' machining strategy.
  • Added 'AreaAndVolume.GetPrincipalAxes()' method.
  • OpenDesign libraries has been updated to version 23.7.


  • Fixed crash when zooming with mouse wheel during application startup.
  • Fixed flickering drawing after...

Released: Jul 4, 2022

Updates in 2022.2 build 484


  • Added spline and ellipse offset to SketcherDemo code sample.
  • Added Show origin and Untrim surface button to debugger visualizer.
  • Added .NET 6 cross-platform ConsoleApp code sample.


  • Fixed a 3D graphics memory leak.
  • Fixed web code samples not properly disposing Eyeshot control.
  • Fixed broken Workspaces code sample.
  • Fixed Parallel3D machining with boundary defined.
  • Fixed perspective camera in Drawing workspace views.
  • Fixed drawing of Sketch entities above others.
  • Fixed detection of...

Released: Jun 10, 2022

Updates in 2022.2


  • BRep Fillet and Chamfer.
  • Mixed selection modes: edge/face vertex/face edge/face.
  • Subitem selection on Sketch, Region and CompositeCurve entity.
  • Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 .NET 6 assemblies.
  • Permanent anti-aliasing on main UI elements (ObjectManipulator, Origin, ViewCube, CoordinateSystem).
  • FemMesh gravity load.
  • Semi-transparent dynamic selection with halo.
  • Assembly component/instance isolation.
  • The Sketcher code sample is now SketcherDemo.
  • Text entity async regeneration.
  • Interactive dimension...

Released: Apr 5, 2022

Updates in 2022.1 Build 376


  • Added digital signature for all Eyeshot assemblies.
  • Added full support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 designer.

Released: Feb 10, 2022

Updates in 2022


  • Geometric kernel / UI separation (stage I) - In this stage, Eyeshot entities were separated by their UI representation. A lot of code has been moved to Geometry assembly and it is recommended to access it from Entity.Primitive property.
  • Minimum Framerate and Progressive Drawing - Eyeshot can now load and spin geometry of any complexity removing small objects and adding them back progressively once the end-user stops moving. This process ends when the model drawing is completed and...

Released: Sep 1, 2021

Updates in 2021.3


  • Updated ODA libraries to version 22.7.
  • Added support for embedded images in DWG import.
  • Added multi-operation support to SimulationTimeline UI element.
  • Added Contour2D.Flips property to allow individual contour direction reverse.
  • Added GetRawPasses() method to 3D milling family of classes.
  • Added a new shader to Shaders code sample.
  • Added support for embedded images in ReadAutodesk class.

Released: Jun 10, 2021

Updates in 2021.2


  • Parallel2D milling strategy.
  • APT tool support (for simulation only).
  • Stock by geometry.
  • Tool holder collision detection during simulation.
  • SimulationTimeline UI element.
  • 3x milling GCode import and simulation.
  • VolumeMesher class to convert BRep objects in TET4 or TET10 FemMesh.
  • Model.SmallSizeRatioStill and Moving properties to control small object culling during still and moving frames.
  • ICurve.GetTightBBox() method for exact bounding box computation on curves.
  • New Code Samples:
    • Slicer...

Released: Feb 5, 2021

Updates in 2021



  • Hatch entity.
  • BOM and Balloons.
  • Improved VectorView selection, you can now change curve properties without setting the View current.
  • ArcDimension import (as angular) from DWG/DXF.

Proprietary File Format

  • Multi-file read/write. Added the ability to read/write assemblies from/to disk as one file per block.
  • Lazy loading. Allows Table of Context only loading of a complex assembly, leaving to the user the ability to load a single assembly component at time.


  • Manufacture...