Eyeshot Ultimate 2022.2 build 484

Released: Jul 4, 2022

Updates in 2022.2 build 484


  • Added spline and ellipse offset to SketcherDemo code sample.
  • Added Show origin and Untrim surface button to debugger visualizer.
  • Added .NET 6 cross-platform ConsoleApp code sample.


  • Fixed a 3D graphics memory leak.
  • Fixed web code samples not properly disposing Eyeshot control.
  • Fixed broken Workspaces code sample.
  • Fixed Parallel3D machining with boundary defined.
  • Fixed perspective camera in Drawing workspace views.
  • Fixed drawing of Sketch entities above others.
  • Fixed detection of pocket regions with boundary.
  • Fixed LinearDim preview drawing in assembly Edit mode.
  • Fixed dynamic selection with halo on Intel GPUs.