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Name Withheld France5 star

Perfect to migrate spread v2.5 vb6 xp to vb6 win 10.

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Name Withheld verified customerFrance5 star

Perfect to migrate spread v2.5 vb6 xp to vb6 win 10.

Carlos Llanes verified customerMexico5 star
Name Withheld verified customerJapan5 star

Thanks to the product the project went very smoothly.

Name Withheld verified customerUSA5 star

Primo spreadsheet for VB6 - still works with Windows 10 (May 2019)

snester verified customerUnited Kingdom4 star

A very fully-featured and easy to implement component. The only things that prevent me from awarding 5-stars are: 1) There is very little documentation regarding use of the component from within a 64-bit program. 2) Having used the OCX version of the component, I expected going on to use the DLL version elsewhere would be simple...however the DLL function calls differ hugely from the OCX ones. Otherwise though, a highly recommended component.

pseisogGreece5 star

One of a kind !!!! There are so many feautures in the product that makes it COMPLETE for most of the programming needs that you can imagine... I found the variety of export type formats that I can send very useful. Also the object model is simpler than competitors and because I used the older ActiveX version, it was pretty easy to get used to the pprogramming structures.....

Developer Department ComponentAgro verified customerNetherlands5 star

We have been using this product over 2 years now (v6.0) and found it very pleasing to use. We supply the ActiveX version with our main application. The current version we are working with works without any problems, we are glad to sa. We puchased this "component" to be used as an Excel-like reporting tool. We will be going to version 7.0 very soon. Love the multiple sheet option !!! So lets give those five stars too......

davidUSA5 star

Spread has always been an awesome product!!! I have used it since version 2.5 and it is a cornerstone in all my applications. Very complete help and examples make it simple to implement. It has always been just packed with features, even before the latest version.

anil30487India5 star

Wow! too good to be true. Professional documentation and samples. Feature rich! It can also be used for some complex problems in interface design. I dont have any problems giving this five stars. Good work guys! keep it up!! Anil Chandra K