Total .NET Developer Suite

Total .NET Developer Suite is a most useful suite for Visual Studio .NET. These three products will improve your programming performance. Total .NET Analyzer, Total .NET SourceBook and Total .NET XRef.

Total .NET Analyzer:

Avoid .NET Traps and Hidden Bugs

  • Detect references to inefficient legacy Visual Basic functions
  • Identify use of CType instead of DirectCast for conversions
  • Find incorrect event handler syntax
  • Locate redundant cast operations
  • lots more: over 150 types of issues detected

Improve Performance

  • Detect "Dead code" that has no effect on the application's functionality, but uses system resources and detrimentally affects performance
  • Find fields and variables whose scope can be...

Prices from: $ 979.02

Licensed on a per developer basis. Each developer who uses the program must have a license. Annual Premium Support Subscription: The Premium Subscription is the ideal option for customers seeking the...

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Compatible Containers
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
  • Microsoft Visual C++ .NET
  • Microsoft Visual C# .NET

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