GroupDocs.Annotation for Java Releases

Released: Oct 10, 2023

Updates in V23.10


  • Fixed bug with incorrect file header.
  • Fixed bug when underline annotation leaves behind blue text upon removal.

Released: Aug 29, 2023

Updates in V23.8


  • Add the following components to your documents:
    • Button Component - Buttons can perform a variety of actions improving navigation and interaction.
    • Dropdown Component - Create dropdown lists that allow users to select options from a predefined set.
    • Checkbox Component - You can now include checkboxes that users can mark or unmark, reflecting the completion of specific tasks or conditions.


  • Squiggly annotation article missing in documentation.
  • Actualize all API references.

Released: Jun 24, 2023

Updates in V23.6


  • Incorrect annotation rotation angle display issue.
  • Fixed an issue with identifying document format on PDF.
  • Fix logging Cells exceptions from PDF handlers.

Released: Apr 17, 2023

Updates in V23.4


  • Added the ability to set font size when replacing annotations.
  • Added roles to user model and role enum. There are two available roles - Editor and Viewer.
  • Added the ability to add 'SearchFragmentText' annotations.
  • Added the ability to change image quality for JPG files.


  • Annotation message isn't appearing.

Released: Feb 14, 2023

Updates in V23.2


  • Adds the ability to set the resolution (image quality) of the document preview.


  • Improves image quality.

Released: Dec 22, 2021

Updates in V21.7.2


  • Out of Memory Exception when opening PDF document.

Released: Nov 2, 2021

Updates in V21.7.1


  • Replace Text fail second time in DOCX document.
  • Watermark and text field lose their content after applying other annotations.
  • Normal Distance annotation changes the user comment.
  • ‘Text’ is working as text redaction.
  • After removing ‘text underline’ the text color doesn’t change and document broke.
  • Annotate document is not working aptly.
  • After doing arrow and distance annotation the application broke.
  • Text Highlight behaves as Text Redaction Annotation for DOCX files.
  • After doing two text...

Released: Jul 21, 2021

Updates in V21.7


  • Added horizontal text alignment TextField and TextWatermark annotations.
  • Added the ability to manage different versions of annotated documents for diagrams and images.
  • Added the ability to add image annotations to diagrams, PDF, spreadsheets, presentations, word processing documents and images.
  • Added the ability to manage different versions of an annotated file.
  • Added the ability to display huge spreadsheet worksheets.
  • Replaced file ImageAnnotation functionality with streams.
  • Improved...

Released: Feb 17, 2020

Updates in V20.2


  • Added the ability to generate document page thumbnails.
  • Added the ability to add ellipse annotations to different formats.
  • Added angled watermarks for different formats.
  • Added support for multi-paged TIFF annotations.
  • Added link annotations in PDF, Presentations, Word formats.

Released: Jul 12, 2019

Updates in V19.7


  • Add Thumbnails of a selected document.
  • Add ellipse annotations to PDF, Words, Slides, Images and Cells documents.
  • Add angled watermarks for different formats.
  • Work with mutipage TIFFs.