GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET

GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET is a component that can easily add image and text watermarks to documents. The API also works to search and remove watermarks already added to the documents by other third-party software. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, raster images, multi-page TIFF and animated GIF formats are supported.

Advanced Watermarking API Features

  • Easy integration.
  • Multiple supported document formats.
  • Add watermarks to images inside a document.
  • Text and image watermark types.
  • Search and remove Text/Image watermarks.
  • Work with existing watermark objects.
  • Extract watermark objects information.
  • PDF document rasterization.
  • Watermarks in Microsoft Word And Visio Formats - GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET allows you to add watermark objects to the header and footer of the pages. Moreover, the API can also insert...

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Latest News

GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET V17.11
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET V17.11
Adds support for watermarking email attachments.
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET V17.10
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET V17.10
Adds the ability to work with attachments in PDF and Excel documents.
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET V17.9
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET V17.9
Adds support for working with ODT format files.
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET 17.8.0
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET 17.8.0
Added the ability to specify which objects should be included in a watermark search.
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET 17.7.0
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET 17.7.0
Adds the ability to search for watermarks by text format (font, color etc).
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET 17.5.0
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET 17.5.0
Add or remove text and image watermarks to PDF, image, MS Office and Visio documents from any .NET app.

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