Add interactive Gantt charts to your .NET applications.

GTP.NET's overall goal and purpose is to let you visualize and manipulate time based information. GTP.NET includes a collection of user interface components which handle time blocks. The time blocks are displayed in a Gantt chart or a schema view. The times are connected to an owner, for example a person or an activity in a project. You can also use it to display dependencies and collisions between times, which gives the end user a graphical way to view and modify the project. Source code is available. GTP.NET is a complete .NET re-write of the best-selling Gantt Time Package.

Multi column grid with edit modes like date time, multitext, combobox, checkbox and user defined.

Main Features Include

  • Multi column grid with edit modes like date time, multitext, combobox, checkbox and user defined
  • Full hierarchical grid capabilities with tree structure in definable column
  • Cell layout properties that control every aspect of cell rendering including fonts, padding, spacing and individual lines
  • Row-wrap that increase row heights automatically
  • DataSource aware on root- and sub-nodes
  • Column rearrange with semi transparent headings
  • Multi select
  • Full print integrated in .NET with preview sample
  • Datescaler with free zoom and resolution
  • Fisheye let you control one area of higher magnification
  • Every grid row has unlimited amount of drawing layers for time items
  • Each drawing layer can hold an unlimited amount of time items
  • Time items with separate time item layout properties that controls every aspect of time item rendering
  • Many time items predefined, out of the box
  • Full freedom to draw your own time items
  • Every time item has unlimited time item texts, with time item text layout properties that give you full control over padding, text alignment, font and color
  • Time item links, 4 different styles out of the box
  • Background and foreground can be extended with user draw
  • Semi transparent move of time items
  • Move events of time items lets you apply or discard user actions
  • Time hour hiding to conserve space
  • Day-type hiding to conserve space
  • Asynchronous Collision detection and handling of time items
  • Sub column handling on time rows
  • Time presentation adapts to windows locales