About GTP.NET for WPF

Interactive Gantt chart and Schedule chart for WPF.

GTP.NET for WPF is a component package which helps you with time visualization and interaction. GTP.NET for WPF contains a fully interactive Gantt chart and a fully interactive Schedule chart. GTP.NET WPF is Runtime Royalty Free.

GTP.NET for WPF will provide you with a rich user interface that allows you to create applications that target a cross platform community, including Apple Machintosh and Microsoft Windows. PlexityHide currently maintains phGantTimePackage for ActiveX and for VCL, GTP.NET for .NET WinForms and AJAX ASP.NET and GTP.NET WPF. Plexityhide have drawn from their experience in providing generic components to over a 1000 software projects when designing the GTP.NET WPF. They have come up with a component that combines the many possibilities of XAML with the generic task of showing anything along a time axis. GTP.NET for WPF is ideal if you are looking for a way to display and edit schedules, events, plans or anything else.

Unlike other specialized solutions that often require you to fit your data into a specific template GTP.NET for WPF gives you as much freedom as possible. It provides the time axis, the concept of a time item, the concept of a time item link, the concept of moving and resizing time items, the ability to allow or disallow any user action, full databind and full exposure of time item definition with XAML and data templates.

Developing for GTP.NET for WPF is straight forward and non intrusive.