About Help & Manual Premium Pack

Add professionally designed skins to your Help and Manual projects.

Help+Manual Premium Pack contains a wide range of professionally-designed skins that take the WebHelp, eWriter and CHM output of your Help+Manual projects to a whole new level. There are five different basic designs, each with a wide range of color variants to get you started with your own color schemes. A single WebHelp site now works smoothly on desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers, with an optimized user interface for each device type. Even large TOCs and keyword indexes are handled well on smartphones. And browsing has been optimized for lightning-fast topic loading.

Help & Manual Premium Pack Features

  • Fully responsive - create one WebHelp site for desktop, tablet and phone browsers.
  • Frameless topics - no more index.html layout page, the topic pages are your pages and their names are your URLs.
  • Embedded help - embed your help in existing web pages with a snippet of code like a YouTube video.
  • Skin Language Files - the Toolbox utility can export and import all the interface texts. English and German language files are included for all skins. More languages will be added as they become available.
  • Field-level popups - display formatted popups from your help in your own web pages with simple links.
  • Field-level topics - display entire topics from your help in your own web pages in the same way as popups.
  • Responsive X-tables - add a single setting to data tables to make them reformat automatically on mobile devices.
  • Local WebHelp - deploy WebHelp locally without a web browser, even for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Fast browsing - highly optimized topic loading for extremely fast browsing.
  • Scalable - user-adjustable text size for the best possible user experience.
  • WordPress Plugin 2.0 - Embed Multiple WebHelp.
  • Configurable mail feedback with automatic reference to the current project and topic.
  • Advanced printing support with preview of printer-friendly topic version.
  • Toggle jump - link to anchors inside toggles.
  • Auto TOC - auto-generated menu of links to scroll to headings in the current topic.
  • Draggable and resizable popups that are sized and positioned automatically.
  • Permalinks for quick references to the current topic.
  • Social sharing links to sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Google Web Fonts - Integrate Google Web Fonts in your projects, use them directcly in Help+Manual and in your WebHelp output.
  • User Code and Session Variables - Options for integrating your own JavaScript code, URL control parameters and session variables.
  • Images and Tables on Mobile - Solve problems with larger images and tables on mobile devices by adding a single CSS class to them.