Neodynamic ImageDraw for ASP.NET

ImageDraw for ASP.NET is a set of server controls which generate real time on-the-fly Dynamic Composite Images. ImageDraw can render all raster images supported by .NET Framework through the GDI+ Bitmap Object (i.e. BMP, GIF, JPEG/JPG, EXIF, PNG, TIFF, and ICO), deliver dynamically generated composite images such thumbnails or image maps. ImageDrawMap control allows you to organize hot spot regions in a visual manner using the HotSpots Editor. ImageDraw for ASP.NET can be bound to SQL Server BLOB and works with Explorer (IE), Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Neodynamic ImageDraw for ASP.NET Features

Merge Pictures, Rich Text, Shapes & more - ImageDraw Elements are simple graphical objects which are assembled together to create a composite image. All elements are drawn on the Canvas producing the output composite image. In addition, you can apply any of the available Imaging Effects on each element that affect their original appearance.

Images, Pictures & Photos - Image Elements can be acquired from several sources such as a URL or path file...

Latest News

Neodynamic updates ImageDraw for ASP.NET
Neodynamic updates ImageDraw for ASP.NET
Latest release adds support for rich text rendering, RTL text and EXIF metadata reading.

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One software license is required per developer. You may install and use the software on any number of computers. A Developer License allows royalty-free deployment of any number of applications...

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System Requirements
  • .NET Framework 2.0 or greater

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