About Infragistics.Documents

Produce and share PDF and XPS documents.

The Infragistics.Documents code library for .NET helps C# and VB.NET developers alike in the layout and production of quality electronic documents. Supporting both the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and the Extensible Paper Specification (XPS) document formats, Infragistics.Documents makes your content readable by any of the millions of PDF and XPS-supporting applications already installed worldwide. An interface-driven, easy to program against object model abstracts away low-level document format details. This organization focuses your development effort on using the features you need to produce as simple, or as sophisticated, a document layout as your application requires.

PDF and XPS Reports from WinGrid made easy.
WinGridDocumentExporter serves as the instant solution to unlocking the value of information sitting in your WinGrid Windows Forms application. Adding this non-visual component to your form allows it to export grid data into nicely formatted tables that replicate much of the grid presentation with impressively high fidelity.

Infragistics.Documents features at a glance:

  • Write PDF Files - Generate Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files for reports, invoices, newsletters or any kind of electronic document.

  • Write XPS Files - Create electronic documents in Extensible Paper Specification (XPS) open document format to share with users of Microsoft Office 2007 and other applications.

  • Professional Layout - Custom-tailor margins, gaps, sections and more to layout your document like a professional publisher.

  • Rich Text Formatting - Apply the right font, weight, color and style to convey your message on any run of text.

  • Powerful Graphics - Documents can be created with photos, figures, charts, stationery designs and a variety of shapes, borders, and pattern fills.