About Infragistics.Excel

Import and Export Workbooks with Hi-Fidelity.

Maximize the value your users get out of the information in your Windows Forms application by making it portable with Microsoft Excel and many other popular spreadsheet applications. Now you can build your data-driven solutions on top of the Infragistics.Excel code library for C# and VB.NET developers, with the interoperability you need to both read and write .XLS, .XLSX* and .XLSM* files. Your users will appreciate the freedom of working with data in the best environment for the task, such as running "What If?" scenarios in Excel and then importing those calculations back into your application. Collaboration like this produces remarkable returns because we take care of the interoperability, and relieve you of having to build expensive spreadsheet capabilities on your own.

Infragistics.Excel runs completely independently of Excel, and does not require Excel to be installed alongside your application. Say "Good Bye" to the costly overhead of deploying Excel alongside your application as you might incur with a Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) or Excel Automation solution.

Foundation for WinGrid Import and Export
With WinGridExcelExporter it's easy to let your users work with and share grid data outside of your WinGrid application. One method call exports into a Workbook, and you can then leverage the Infragistics.Excel library on which WinGridExcelExporter was based to handle advanced formatting and layout like embedding graphics. Get roundtrip data portability when you use Infragistics.Excel to read data from a Workbook back into your WinGrid.

Features at a Glance

  • Extensive Excel Object Model - An intuitive object model designed to mirror the layout, formatting and behavior of Excel spreadsheets including worksheets, formulas, frozen panes, formatted strings and much more.
  • Bidirectional File Access - Serialize and deserialize workbooks to and from BIFF8 files (.XLS) that are binary-compatible with Excel 97 and later, and the new .XLSX/.XLSM file formats in Excel capable of one million row worksheets.
  • Formulas - Array and Cell Formulas encoded in Excel syntax are written to generated workbooks, and Formulas in Workbooks are resolve as actual formula values.
  • VB Roundtripping - Macros stored in a loaded Workbook are retained and written out undisturbed to the Workbook when saving changes.
  • Image Embedding - Conveniently add worksheet image shapes to the Shapes collection, or set the image background of a worksheet.
  • Custom Views - Create custom views, optionally with display and print options, that restore the user's workspace to a pristine layout when they open a workbook.
  • 100% Managed Code - Functions in partial trust without needing code access security permissions to call unmanaged code for OLE structured storage file access.