Infragistics Ignite UI for React Releases

Released: Jun 2, 2021

Updates in 21.1


React Grid

  • Enter Behavior After Edit - Added new property named EnterBehaviorAfterEdit. This property will control the behavior of the Enter key when it is pressed to commit an edit operation. The EnterBehaviorAfterEdit property has the following options:
    • None (Default) - after an edit is committed using the Enter key, the current cell stays active.
    • MoveUp - after an edit is committed using the Enter key, the cell above the current cell becomes active.
    • MoveDown - after an edit is...

Released: Dec 16, 2020

Updates in 20.2


  • Added new React Date Picker input component - Allows end-users to select a date from a calendar that is shown in a dropdown when the editor is clicked and adds the ability to navigate the days, months, and years in an intuitive and easy to use component.
  • Improved React Grid.
    • Accessibility (ARIA) - Added the appropriate ARIA attributes to all grid DOM elements which are required for screen readers to interpret and interact with grid-based applications.
    • Added Row Editing - You can now...

Released: Sep 29, 2020

Updates in 16.12.4


  • Data Grid
    • Cell Editing - The React data grid now provides the ability for your user to edit the data you present to them in your web application.
    • Cell Batch Editing - Cell batch editing is a feature that allows you to make multiple edits to various cells in the data grid and commit the changes to the data source all at once.
    • ComboBox Column - This new column type provides a list of values that can be filtered/searched, and a single item selected.
  • Multi-column combo (Preview) - This...

Released: Jun 2, 2020

Updates in 20.1


  • Dock Manager - Provides a way to manage a complex layout using different types of panes with various sizes, positions, and behaviors, and that can be docked to various locations within an app. The dock manager allows your end-users to customize it further by pinning, resizing, moving, floating, and hiding panes.
  • Data Grid
    • Toolbar - A brand-new grid toolbar component which is essentially a container for UI operations. The toolbar is located at the top of the Grid and it matches its...

Released: Nov 19, 2019

Updates in 19.2


  • New React Maps, Spreadsheets and Grids
    • Display data that contains geographic locations or geo-spatial data on geographic imagery maps.
    • Embed Excel document creation and editing experiences right into your React applications.
    • Use the Tree Map to show users the relative weighting of data points at more than one level (also known as heatmaps in the financial industry).
  • Native Open Fin FDC3 - Get performance and security using FDC3-enabled experiences with Infragistics and OpenFin.

Released: Apr 17, 2019

Updates in 19.1


Grid Interaction Features

  • Multi-Cell Selection (Contiguous and Non-Continguous) - This feature allows you to select individual cells or a contiguous group of cells. This is done by clicking each cell while holding down the CTRL or SHIFT key.
  • Cell Range Selection (Mouse / Keyboard) - This feature allows you to select a range of cells using the mouse or the keyboard. Ranges are selected in the following ways:
  • Mouse drag - Select a cell with the mouse click, drag, release the mouse over...