About Infragistics NetAdvantage for jQuery

A full range of commercial class application user interface controls for jQuery development.

Infragistics NetAdvantage for jQuery includes standards-compliant ASP.NET MVC and jQuery controls for HTML5, streaming video and CSS3 Web technologies. This lightweight toolset lets developers use Microsoft Office Integration to create and work with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDF/XPS files from within their jQuery Web applications running with .NET. Infragistics NetAdvantage for jQuery features client-side controls including the igGrid to examine, filter, page and sort through tabular data, igDataSource to handle heavy lifting data operations, and HTML5 igVideoPlayer to offer streaming online video playback with support for embeddable advertising. Infragistics NetAdvantage for jQuery will help you create exciting cross-platform website experiences in browsers and on devices backed by any server data endpoint—without needing plug-ins or extensions.  It’s exactly what you need if you're using jQuery and JavaScript to build applications targeting modern Web browsers. Infragistics  NetAdvantage for jQuery includes an annual subscription to developer support, source code, all updates and upgrades, documentation and samples.

ASP.NET MVC and jQuery Controls for Web Developers
NetAdvantage for jQuery is a suite of lightweight, high performance jQuery controls (as well as controls for ASP.NET MVC) for the client-side that enable developers to create better Web site experiences in browsers across platforms and on devices backed by any server as their data endpoint.

Data Source - The jQuery data source is the brain behind all data operations and manipulation (i.e., paging, sorting, filtering, etc.) taking place for data bound views (our jQuery grid, for example) in your NetAdvantage for jQuery-powered user interface. The jQuery data source understands the data operations, and depending on your Web application's connectivity, takes all necessary steps to provide your data back to the data bound view. You can easily consume this data source yourself in jQuery or ASP.NET MVC to handle many of your own application's data access scenarios. With the jQuery data source, you can take your static HTML tables that exist on your Web pages today and with as little as one line of script, present them to users as new, dynamic jQuery grid views.  It can even handle mashup scenarios with its local paging, sorting and filtering, as well as hierarchical data through its primary/foreign key constraints and indexing ability. 

Date Picker - By combining all of the capabilities of the jQuery date picker with all of the enhanced date editing functionality of the date editor control, your Web applications gain a lightweight dropdown jQuery date picker (with accompanying controls for ASP.NET MVC) that's fully stylable and works across browsers.  Deliver this dual functionality (of an inline date edit field with the option to click on a date from a monthly calendar) anywhere you need to within your Web applications and data grids to improve the user experience.


  • igCurrencyEditor
  • igDateEditor
  • igMaskEditor
  • igNumericEditor
  • igPercentEditor
  • igTextEditor

File Upload - Upload file contents to your server with this jQuery file upload control with accompanying controls for ASP.NET MVC 2 and 3. Your Web application users can upload single or multiple files simultaneously using AJAX. Their user interface remains responsive and their work is never interrupted since their file transfer takes place asynchronously. A built-in progress indicator will let users know how far along their file upload operation is. This file upload control has highly configurable settings, so you have complete flexibility over customizing the file upload experience.

Grid - The jQuery data grid control can take the tables on your Web pages and display them with rich interactivity to give your users a far superior user experience compared to what they had with static HTML tables. This jQuery grid control is high performance, with built-in DOM virtualization so it can show millions of records instantly, by rendering only the HTML necessary to show the table on-screen. It adds dynamic paging, sorting and filtering behavior that's driven entirely on the client-side, as it's a jQuery control (with accompanying controls for ASP.NET MVC 2 and 3), and it supports jQuery standards like jQuery Client Template support and Theme Roller stylability with CSS.

Rating - The jQuery rating control provides a lightweight, jQuery control (along with controls for ASP.NET MVC 2 and 3) with HTML5 support for use when collecting ratings from end users. Frequently found on today's collaborative, social media sites and Web 2.0 applications, ratings like those displayed in a flexible jQuery rating control like igRating are useful whenever you're collecting feedback from your users on products, services or other points of interest.  Harvest crowd opinion today to separate the good from the bad, with this jQuery rating control.

Video Player - The jQuery video player control (and accompanying controls for ASP.NET MVC 2 and 3) gives you the ability to play streaming video in your Web applications. Using the new HTML5 video tag supported by modern browsers and its ability to play streaming video in many different standard formats, this jQuery video player control lets your users interact with online streaming video content.  It includes standard video playing options like play, pause, display in full screen and volume control.  Its slider in the control bar reflects key information about your video content and where in the video's playback the user is. including a thumb pad showing where in the video the current playback is, and bookmarks that identify key frames to which the user can jump.

Highlighted Features
NetAdvantage for jQuery is not tied to the ASP.NET platform, it's what is called server-agnostic, positioning you so that your Web applications can capitalize on the trends emerging in what users expect from their Web-based solutions.  Standards compliance for accessibility from any device, collaboration through controls like the jQuery rating control, and streaming video like that provided by the jQuery video player are increasingly important today--and into the future. It's exactly what you need if you're using jQuery and JavaScript to build applications targeting Web browsers.

  • Pure Client-side Controls - Pure client-side controls that are server framework-agnostic and target desktop browsers.
  • Data Templates - Use the latest jQuery client template support within the data grid which you won't find anywhere else.
  • DOM Virtualization - Within the jQuery data grid it uses DOM virtualization so you can load and scroll very large data sets without lag or a huge memory footprint. This is unlike ordinary virtual scrolling where data is fetched through AJAX.
  • HTML 5 - Include a HTML 5 video player control that works in both ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms applications.
  • CSS 3 - Improve performance by eliminating img tags and making extensive use of CSS 3 image sprites for fewer HTTP requests and faster page loads. All controls render jQuery UI Theme Roller-compatible CSS class names enabling complete stylability.
  • Controls for ASP.NET MVC - Provide you with a full set of extensions to the client controls enabling ASP.NET MVC applications to take full advantage of Microsoft Visual Studio IDE features like LINQ data binding, Fluent syntax support, paging, sorting and filtering to build full blown MVC applications--all out of the box.  This is "MVC done right," you are never forced to compromise your architecture because the UI controls are designed for the platform from the beginning.