About Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET + WPF

Add WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and .NET user interface functionality to your applications.

NetAdvantage for .NET + WPF includes controls, designed and developed specifically for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform plus you also get NetAdvantage for .NET which is a comprehensive presentation layer toolset for designing commercial class user interfaces for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Tablet PC. Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET include grids, scheduling, charting, toolbars, menus, listbars, trees, tabs, explorer bars, UI and editors. NetAdvantage for WPF includes business-grade developer components for WPF, including datagrids, carousels and editors, with built-in visual themes including Windows Vista Aero and Office 2007. Developers can start building with WPF toolset now and can take advantage of the pure WPF platform features including: high resolution graphics, rich styling and animation capabilities and integrated UI virtualization technology.

Below is an introduction to the NetAdvantage for .WPF components:

xamDataGrid – a flexible WPF data grid, the xamDataGrid brings the time honored familiarity of tabular style data presentation and infuses it into WPF.

  • Data binding - simplify development with a single data binding property that supports a wide variety of data sources, including the XmlDataProvider and ObjectDataProvider, and more traditional objects such as DataSets, Arrays or Collections
  • True hierarchical data rendering - automatically detect and display complex, hierarchical data structures
  • Field sorting, grouping and resizing - all of the basic data organization features your users expect
  • Seamless data editing experience - easy new record creation, inline data editing, and convenient data editing controls
  • Performance - utilizing WPF’s native UI Virtualization technology, combined with Infragistics Lazy Loading technology, the xamDataGrid can handle thousands of data records, letting your users consume volumes of information
  • Presentation - designers can leverage the styling and layout capabilities of the xamDataGrid to design applications with highly stylized, immersive user interfaces

xamCarouselPanel - highly flexible layout control, which can best be used for simplified object layouts such as for navigation. The xamCarouselPanel gives developers and designers alike a tool with which to create unique, interactive and immersive applications.

  • Path-based layout - based on the WPF Path object, the xamCarouselPanel gives you layout flexibility
  • Path Effects - utilize five types of Path Effects to add flair to your user interface

xamCarouselListBox - the familiarity of the ListBox control meets the innovative layout capabilities of the xamCarouselPanel.

  • Simple and familiar object model of the standard ListBox control, including basic data binding capabilities
  • Leverages the xamCarouselPanel for layout, giving you the flexibility you need

xamDataCarousel - the xamDataCarousel is a flexible data layout control.

  • Based on the same data architecture as the xamDataGrid, giving you databinding capabilities, including hierarchical data layout.  Also includes Grouping and Sorting capabilities
  • Leverages the layout capabilities of the xamCarouselPanel allowing you to create modern data-driven user interfaces

xamDataPresenter - the xamDataPresenter combines the xamDataGrid and the xamDataCarousel into a single control, allowing you to provide a flexible and customizable user interface to your users.

  • Utilizing the xamDataGrid and xamDataCarousel to give you all the data management and layout features you need
  • Allow your users to choose their data View with a single property setting.  Easily change from traditional tabular view to carousel view

xamEditors - included in this release are the xamTextEditor and xamMaskedEditor data editing controls.  Use as stand-alone editors, or easily integrate into the xamDataGrid, the xamEditor controls help you ensure the validity of your user-entered data.

  • Template based architecture gives you maximum control over the control's user interface
  • Easily integrated into the xamDataGrid to extend the data editing experience through your application

xamChart - The xamChart is a visual WPF control that presents your heavy-duty data using graphics to enable users to more quickly analyze and understand its relevance. This WPF chart control displays values using columns, pie wedges, cylinders and more using the advanced graphics rendering capabilities inherent in the WPF platform.

Chart Types - The xamChart control supports 25 different chart types, which will allow you to select the perfect look to accent the data in your application.

xamChart includes all of the following chart types:

  • Area chart
  • Bar chart
  • Bubble chart
  • Candle chart
  • Column chart
  • Cylinder bar chart
  • Cylinder chart
  • Doughnut chart
  • Line chart        
  • Pie chart
  • Point chart
  • Scatter chart
  • Scatter line chart
  • Spline chart
  • Stacked 100% area chart
  • Stacked 100% bar chart
  • Stacked 100% column chart
  • Stacked 100% cylinder bar chart
  • Stacked 100% cylinder chart
  • Stacked area chart
  • Stacked bar chart
  • Stacked column chart
  • Stacked cylinder bar chart
  • Stock chart (OHLC bar)

3D Rendering - 3D graphics rendering can be turned on for many chart types. Control the perspective, texture and lighting to make an affective display that impresses while it also informs.

Composite Charts - Simply add a couple series to the xamChart control and bind them to your data. By making each series render using a different chart type you can create complex composite charts that combine all the points of view that you need to best describe the data's importance.

xamRibbon - The xamRibbon control is a menu control that replicates the Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon functionality in a Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application. Instead of using the plain, default, drop-down menu of decades past, you can use xamRibbon to give your application a stylish look and feel. Not only can you improve your application's look and feel, you can also improve usability by using xamRibbon's many features.

Application Menu - The application menu is the main menu of the application. The application menu is divided into three separate areas:

  • The left area displays buttons intended for file operations
  • The right area displays buttons similarly to the left area. Another use for the right area might be a most recently used list
  • The bottom area displays buttons such as application options or an exit button

Quick Access Toolbar - The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is a small, user-configurable toolbar that is always visible either above (default) or below the Ribbon control. The QAT's versatility is shown when adding any of the Ribbon tools to it; in fact, you can add an entire Ribbon group to the QAT with ease.

Tabs and Tab Groups - If you have ever used a Tab in an application, xamRibbon's object model will quickly become familiar to you. The xamRibbon control includes a collection of tabs, each with a collection of groups, each group with a collection of tools. This structure allows you to organize tools into functionally-related application tasks that your end users can easily discover.

xamComboEditor - The xamComboEditor is an editor control that provides a drop-down list from which your users can select an item. As with the other xamEditors, the xamComboEditor can be plugged in to the xamDataGrid for use as an in-line data editor with drop-down list capabilities. Now it's easy for your users to edit the value of a data grid or data presenter cell from an enumerable collection. This can help make your WPF data-driven applications more user friendly, and decrease the risk of typographic errors during data entry.

Theme Packs - NetAdvantage for WPF includes 15 Theme Packs, designed by the Infragistics Visual Design Group, making it easy for you to give the controls a clean and modern look with a single property setting.

  • Windows Themes including Luna (Windows XP), Aero (Windows Vista) and Royale (Windows Media Center Edition)
  • Office 2007 Themes including Office 2007 Black, Office 2007 Blue and Office 2007 Silver
  • Infragistics designed Themes include: Hulk, Leaf, Fall, Lipstick, Wind, Water, and Onyx

Fully supporting the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform, NetAdvantage for WPF controls enable a clear separation of application look & feel from behaviour, allowing teams of visual designers and software developers to collaborate more naturally. Visual Designers can style NetAdvantage for WPF control’s look and feel using XAML and Microsoft Expression Blend and software developers can define control behaviour using managed C# or VB.NET code with Visual Studio.

Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET includes:

Windows Forms Rich Client Components

  • WinGrid
  • WinCalcManager
  • WinChart
  • WinCombo
  • WinTrackBar
  • WinDataSource
  • WinDockManager
  • WinExtras
    • WinAnimation
    • WinButton
    • WinCalculator
    • WinDropdownButton
    • WinPopupContainer
    • WinLabel
    • WinFormattedLinkLabel
    • WinFormattedTextEditor
    • WinProgressBar
    • WinScrollBar
    • WinStatusBar
    • WinTooltipManager
  • WinEditors
    • WinCalculator
    • WinCalculatorDropdown
    • WinCheckEditor
    • WinColorPicker
    • WinComboEditor
    • WinCurrencyEditor
    • WinDateTimeEditor
    • WinFontNameEditor
    • WinFormattedLinkLabel
    • WinMaskedEdit
    • WinNumericEditor
    • WinOptionSet
    • WinProgressBar
    • WinTextEditor
  • WinExplorerBar
  • WinGridExcelExporter
  • WinGroupBox
  • WinInkProvider
  • WinLayoutManagers
  • WinListbar
  • WinListView
  • WinPrinting
    • WinPrintDocument
    • WinPrintPreviewControl
    • WinPrintPreviewThumbnail
    • WinGridPrintDocument
    • WinSchedulePrintDocument
  • WinSchedule
    • WinDayView
    • WinWeekView
    • WinMonthViewSingle
    • WinMonthViewMulti
    • WinCalendarCombo
    • WinCalendarInfo
    • WinCalendarLook
  • WinSpellChecker
  • WinTabbedMdi
  • WinTabs
  • WinToolbars
  • WinTree

Web Forms Components

  • WebAsyncRefreshPanel
  • WebGrid
  • WebCalcManager
  • WebDialogWindow
  • WebImageViewer
  • WebSplitter
  • WebChart
  • WebCombo
  • WebDateChooser
  • WebEditors
    • WebCurrencyEdit
    • WebDateTimeEdit
    • WebMaskEdit
    • WebNumericEdit
    • WebPercentEdit
    • WebTextEdit
  • WebGridExcelExporter
  • WebGroupBox
  • WebHtmlEditor
  • WebImageButton
  • WebListbar
  • WebMenu
  • WebNavBar
  • WebPanel
  • WebSpellChecker
  • WebTab
  • WebToolbar
  • WebTree
  • WebResizingExtender
  • WebSchedule
    • WebCalendar
    • WebCalendarView
    • WebDayView
    • WebMonthView
    • WebScheduleInfo
    • WebScheduleSqlClientProvider
    • WebScheduleOleDbProvider
    • WebWeekView

NetAdvantage also includes NetAdvantage AppStylist.