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Infragistics NetAdvantage for Win Client is a comprehensive presentation layer toolset for quickly building and styling polished application UIs and delivering a great user experience, for Windows Forms, rich client applications. NetAdvantage for Win Client contains all essential UI controls for applications built using Visual Studio: grids, scheduling, charting, gauges, navigation, ribbon, toolbars, menus, listbars, trees, tabs, explorer bars, UI and many other editors, as well as Application Styling, Excel import/export, and a Document Export Engine for PDF and XPS formats. NetAdvantage for Win Client also includes business-grade developer components for WPF, including datagrids, carousels and editors, with built-in visual themes including Windows Vista Aero and Office 2007. Developers can start building with WPF toolset now and can take advantage of the pure WPF platform features including: high resolution graphics, rich styling and animation capabilities and integrated UI virtualization technology. NetAdvantage for Win Client works natively within Visual Studio and includes Office 2007 styles, Vista styles. Included with every purchase of NetAdvantage for Win Client, Infragistics provides product support, source code to the controls and frameworks, two releases yearly of customer driven products and features and more. Buy NetAdvantage Win Client Priority Support to obtain one years worth of priority phone and guaranteed response web-based technical support. NetAdvantage Win Client upgrades and renewals are also available.

NetAdvantage for Win Client is a true framework, not just a collection of disparate controls. Infragistics labored hard before writing a line of code to devise a mature architecture based on shared assemblies and common object models. This creates what Infragistics refer to as leveraged learning, meaning the effort to learn the first of the interface elements lets you learn the rest much easier. It also makes it easier to create standardized interfaces for your applications and even create your...

Latest News

NetAdvantage Win Client adds CLR4 builds
NetAdvantage Win Client adds CLR4 builds
2010 Volume 2 release includes new WinForms styling and time span controls, plus WPF color picker, slider and menus.
NetAdvantage Win Client supports VS2010
NetAdvantage Win Client supports VS2010
New features include Gantt charts and Windows 7 scenic ribbons plus support for the .NET 4 Client Profile.

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