IronXL for .NET

IronXL for .NET allows developers to read, generate and edit Excel (and other Spreadsheet files) in .NET applications and websites. You can read and edit XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV and save an export to XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV/JSON. It works well with .NET Framework, .NET Core and Azure. All without extra dependencies or the need to install MS Office.

IronXL Features

  • Load, Read and Edit Data - from XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV
  • Saving and Exporting - to XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV/JSON
  • System.Data Objects - Work with Excel Spreadsheets as System.Data.DataSet and System.Data.DataTable objects.
  • Formulas - Works with Excel formulas. Formulas are recalculated every time a sheet it edited.
  • Ranges - Easy to use WorkSheet["A1:B10"] syntax. Combine and create ranges intuitively.
  • Sorting - Sort Ranges, Columns and Rows.
  • Styling - Cell visual styles Font, Size, Background...

Latest News

IronXL for .NET 2022.12.10926
IronXL for .NET 2022.12.10926
Improves performance when reading 'Range' object properties.
IronXL for .NET 2022.11.10251
IronXL for .NET 2022.11.10251
New overloads allow you to accept a password for encrypted XLSX, XLSM and XLTX workbooks.
IronXL for .NET 2022.9.9454
IronXL for .NET 2022.9.9454
Adds the ability to sort a range by a specified column.
IronXL for .NET 2022.8.8357
IronXL for .NET 2022.8.8357
Adds the ability to encrypt and decrypt ".xlsx", ".xlsm" and ".xltx" files with a password.
IronXL for .NET 2022.7.7362
IronXL for .NET 2022.7.7362
Adds new method which changes the height of a row to fit the contents.
IronXL for .NET 2022.6.6825
IronXL for .NET 2022.6.6825
Improves overall stability and performance.

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Supported Platforms
  • .NET 5, 6 and 7
  • .NET Core 2x and 3x
  • .NET Standard 2
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2+

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