JointJS+ Releases

Released: Feb 8, 2024

Updates in v4.0


  • Stable version with no external dependencies - Dependency on jQuery, Lodash, and Backbone has been removed, decreasing the package size without changing the core functionality.
  • BPMN export to/import from XML format - Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), is a standardized modeling language and notation system extensively utilized by corporations to graphically depict their business processes. It enables companies to document, analyze, and optimize their workflows in a...

Released: May 29, 2023

Updates in v3.7


  • Improved support for foreign object (HTML) - Foreign objects have become a standard in web development, and JointJS+ has now introduced comprehensive and fully-featured support for foreign objects within SVG context. This means that you can now display HTML elements inside other SVG elements, export the HTML object as an image similar to the rest of the rendered diagram, or leverage other benefits provided by this native technology.
  • Unlimited customization options thanks to the...

Released: Oct 25, 2022

Updates in v3.6


  • Added a new application: MindMap - The MindMap application can help your teams or end customers visually organize information, come up with new ideas and collaborate on them. All of the necessary tools (e.g. command manager) and UI components (newly updated rich text editor) have been included.
  • Added a new set of useful shapes (Value Stream Mapping) - Added a set of new Value Stream Mapping (VSM) shapes that are delivered as a separate installable module. These shapes are not only...

Released: Mar 3, 2022

Updates in v3.5


  • Added the ability to create new types of diagrams including Kanban and Yamazumi - New plugins have been added to help you create new diagram types more efficiently, such as Kanban or Yamazumi:
    • ‍ui.StackLayoutView which represents a new drag & drop view for the stack layout graphs.
    • ‍layout.StackLayout that helps you organize elements in a one-dimensional stacks, either horizontally or vertically.
  • Scrollbar and data modifier/decorator have been added to the Data Mapping application...

Released: Sep 29, 2021

Updates in v3.4.1


  • Added a new demo on how to build a shape with a vertical list of items.
  • apps.Database - Added remove and arrowhead link tools.
  • Various TypeScript improvements.
  • dia.Paper - Added the ability to skip updating connected links when isolate flag has been used.
  • dia.LinkView - Optimized connector only update.
  • dia.Cell - Added support for preinitilize() lifecycle method.
  • connectors.jumpover - Prevented unnecessary route calculation to improve performance.


  • apps.Chatbot - Various fixes:
    • Use...

Released: Aug 25, 2021

Updates in v3.4


  • New SQL database designer tool.
  • ‍New animated tokens make it possible to see the data in your system at any given time.
  • ‍Resize and highlight swimlanes using new element tools.
  • Simplify and make shape definitions more flexible.
  • Added inertial scrolling.
  • Extended use cases for hierarchical diagrams.
  • Added tree layout.
  • ‍Improved the resizing of multiple rotated elements.

Released: Feb 5, 2021

Updates in v3.3


  • Microsoft Visio Import and Export - New plugin allows you to import/export Visio VSDX files.
  • A complete set of BPMN 2 Shapes - All shapes can be further customized if needed.
  • Planogram demo app - New demo shows how you can build applications for displaying and editing Planograms (visual representations of a store's products or services on display).
  • ‍New smart highlighters - New node highlighter automatically draws a stroke with equidistant padding along the node and its descendants.
  • ELK...

Released: Jun 18, 2020

Updates in v3.2


  • Integration with Vue, React and Angular
    • Integration with your favorite framework is now much easier.
    • Rappid now provides demos showcasing integration with the newest versions of these 3 frameworks.
  • New Demos
    • Chatbot demo.
    • Measuring distances in pixels.
    • Measuring angles.
  • Upgraded jQuery dependency (v3.5.1).
  • KitchenSink demo integrated with Angular9, VueJS and VueTs.
  • Added Sequence Diagram demo.
  • Added HTML Elements demo.
  • apps.DataMapping
    • Show translucent copy of an element being dragged...

Released: Jul 23, 2019

Updates in v3.0


Support for ES6 Modules

  • Import Rappid using ES6 module syntax.
  • Use Rappid in modern build pipelines.
  • Import only modules/plugins that you need.

‍‍Performance Improvements

  • Smart viewport matching algorithm that renders only those shapes visible in the viewport.
  • Shapes outside the viewport are not rendered saving a huge amount of render time with large diagrams.
  • Viewport re-renders automatically when zooming and panning without the user noticing.
  • Paper freeze/unfreeze allowing you to...

Released: Nov 14, 2018

Updates in v2.4


New Shapes for displaying and mapping structured data

  • Record, Bordered Record and Headered Record for displaying structured data
  • Hide Fill Boundaries, Show Right Fill Boundary, Fill Padding, and ticks option for y axis for Plot charts
  • Add a background to BorderedImage

Angular and React integration

  • KitchenSink applications now integrated with Angular6 and React.

‍Several of improvements to the current widgets

  • Paper now supports relative dimensions (e.g. width = 100%)
  • Paper introduces...