KWizCom Repeating Rows Field Type Releases

Released: May 5, 2019

Updates in v15.4.x


Updated Dec 12, 2019


  • Fixed: Error when old Foundation components retracted from the server.


Updated Oct 24, 2019


  • Added: Repeating rows delete button in edit mode will display even if a user does not have delete item perms at the source list.


  • Fixed: Dynamic default value not updated when row already created and Refresh button clicked.


Updated Sep 18, 2019


  • Added: Hide summary field for columns configured as hidden by KWizCom Forms.


  • Fixed...

Released: Sep 16, 2018

Updates in v12.3.73

Updates in v12.3.73

  • Improved: Support cascading lookups inside Repeating Rows field.
  • Fixed: Display Summary for a currency field and for a numeric field is shown incorrectly within Repeating Rows.

Released: Feb 9, 2017

Updates in v12.3.51


  • Fixed: Fix Reloading default values in RR.

Released: Jul 19, 2016

Updates in v12.3.39


  • A new column type that enables you to add/edit a list item along with multiple connected items from a remote list (Repeating section).
  • Connect between a "Master" list and "Details" list (such as "Expenses" and "Expense details").
  • Connected lists can be located in different sites.
  • Configurable amount of empty rows in "New" form.
  • Configurable summary calculated fields.
  • Reverse Lookup created in the "Details" list enabling navigating back to the Master item.
  • Cross-browser.
  • Multi-lingual.