LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging SDK v19 released

Released: Dec 18, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in Medical Engine V19


  • Message encoder and decoder
  • Listener service
  • Integration with Modality Worklist (MWL) demos

DICOM Storage Server

  • New optional third-party cloud storage integration
  • Cloud storage can be automatic or managed through a Cloud Scheduler
  • Includes source code for add-ins for popular cloud storage services
    • Microsoft Azure
    • EMC Atmos
    • Create your own add-in for any cloud storage provider

HTML5 Medical Viewer

  • New and improved design and UI interface
  • New standalone control
  • Redesigned with AngularJS
  • Increased overall performance
  • Improved reference line support
  • User-interface tools and actions
    • Hounsfield Unit
    • Probe
    • Spy Glass with various options
    • Shutter tool that supports multiple objects
    • Cobb Angle
  • A simple, yet effective synchronization tool
  • New mapping index array feature
  • Assign weight to overlay text
  • Added patient projection support
  • Interval / delay option for requesting the full image
  • Added support for selected / unselected border color for cells and sub-cells
  • Added multiple selection support
  • Exploded property
  • Added drag & drop support
  • Enhanced symmetric sub-cell layout
  • New events and callbacks
  • Added .NET and JavaScript interfaces for externally/programmatically controlling the viewer

Desktop Medical Viewer

  • Added manual zoom options for Spy Glass
  • New Nudge and Shrink tools
  • New Shutter tool
  • Added Cobb Angle tool for all platforms
  • Added full support for LEADTOOLS annotations
  • Added image orientation for each frame in a series
  • Added support for annotation automation
  • Enhanced image alignment
  • New options for saving images
  • Added ability to edit any selected annotation
  • Improvements to Medical Viewer Demo including Stent, Image Processing, Reset and more

Dental Display Module

  • Hanging protocols using DICOM structured display files
  • Custom dental image processing functions including Perio, Endo and Dentin
  • Monitor calibration options
  • Viewer displays list of all available series
  • Search results custom-tailored for dental imaging

Medical 3D

  • New color map tool that remaps the VRT volume RGBA histogram, apply various preset palettes, and save the channels’ curves
  • Added ability to save 3D object as a raster image
  • Added ability to save MPR images as DICOM with complete metadata including orientation, position, window level, etc.

New Fusion Demo

  • Load DICOMDIR support
  • Use palette for fused image and original image
  • Scale, Offset and Rotate any fused image
  • Support for transparency action
  • Window level each fused image
  • Combine fused cells with automatic alignment

Additional Medical Updates

  • DICOM IODs updated to latest DICOM specifications
  • CCOW web interface
  • New medical-specific image processing
    • G-Wire
    • K-Means
    • Lambda Connectedness
    • Level Set
    • OTSU Thresholding
    • Perspective Alignment
    • Shrink Wrap
    • Speckle-reducing Anisotropic Diffusion
    • Tensor-guided Anisotropic Diffusion
    • Watershed