MindFusion.Diagramming for WinForms Professional Releases

Released: Nov 5, 2019

Updates in 6.6


  • Animations - Diagram items can now be animated.
  • Animated layout - New methods also animate the movement of items.
  • JSON Serialization - Diagrams can now be serialized in JSON format.
  • .NET Core assemblies (Beta version) - MindFusion.Diagramming now includes assemblies for .NET Core 3.
  • ContainerNode Arrange method now arranges child items inside a container using a specified layout class.
  • The Diagram class now provides Arrange and ArrangeAsync (CLR 4.5+) methods that take a layout object...

Released: Sep 18, 2018

Updates in 6.5.3


Visio2013Exporter Improvements

  • The Visio2013Exporter now fully renders table, container and composite nodes.
  • The Visio2013Exporter now renders custom nodes that draw themselves through using the IGraphics interface.
  • The coordinates of exported link end points are now assigned Visio formulas and follow the borders of resized nodes.


  • Node and link Text properties have been moved to the base DiagramItem class. This makes it easier to perform text search and edit operations in...

Released: Oct 16, 2017

Updates in 6.5.1


  • Export Excel files - The ExcelExporter class now exports diagrams to Excel Open XML (XSLX) format. Diagrams are exported as Excel AutoShapes.
  • Visio2013Exporter improvements
    • Process link arrowheads.
    • Preserve the diagram Z order.
    • Export link Text and Labels.
    • Export Image of ShapeNode objects.
  • Miscellaneous
    • RightToLeft mode improvements.

Released: Sep 5, 2017

Updates in 6.5


  • Non-blocking layout methods - All graph layout classes now contain an ArrangeAsync method that runs layout calculations in the background.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The ShapeNode, Cell and TableNode ImagePadding property lets you set padding space between an element's borders and the contained image.
    • Property added that specifies how much space to leave between links when LinkType is set to Cascading.
    • ContainerNodes now applies TextPadding value.
    • Merge indicators for cascading links are now...

Released: May 15, 2017

Updates in 6.4.3


  • Flip Shapes - The shape of a ShapeNode can now be flipped horizontally or vertically. Enable the AllowFlip property and the shape flips when an edge is dragged over its opposite edge.
  • DiagramLink Improvements
    • AllowSplitLinks now works for Bezier links too. Users can insert a new Bezier segment by dragging any point (other than a control point) of a selected link.
    • IntermediateShape shapes are now rendered at correct position for Spline links.
    • Points where overlapping Cascading links...

Released: Oct 19, 2016

Updates in 6.4.2


  • Fluent API - Extension methods in MindFusion.Diagramming.Fluent and MindFusion.Diagramming.Layout.Fluent namespaces add support for fluent programming style.
  • DiagramLink Improvements
    • The component no longer keeps a separate segmentCount field, removing a common source of errors. The SegmentCount property now calculates its value from ControlPoints elements. The UpdateFromPoints(updateGroups, updateSegments) overload has been removed too.
    • SegmentCount setter no longer refuses changing...

Released: Jun 6, 2016

Updates in 6.4.1


  • Scrollable TableNodes can now display full scrollbars instead of up/down scroll buttons in a caption bar.
  • FreeFormNode now applies the values of the TextBrush and NodeEffects properties.
  • The TreeViewItem Brush property lets you change an items background.
  • The TreeViewNode ShowLines property specifies whether to display connecting lines between items.
  • PdfExporter now creates page hyperlinks in "page://{number}" format.
  • The AnchorPoint class is no longer sealed and can be inherited by...

Released: Mar 7, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in V6.4

  • Free-form Nodes - Let users draw free-form nodes interactively.
  • LinkLabel Edit Events - LinkTextEditing and LinkTextEdited events are now raised also when the user edits a LinkLabel.

Released: Nov 26, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in V6.3.4

  • Street Maps - MapNodes can now render street maps in OpenStreetMap format.
  • Distribution now includes a set of digitally-signed assemblies.
  • Undo/redo records for in-place edit operations are now created automatically.
  • CompositeNode now supports vertical scrolling in the EditComponent.
  • Support for FromPage and ToPage properties of PrinterSettings.
  • CreateBarcodeNode methods added to the Factory class.
  • Improved speed when dragging large hierarchies of grouped nodes.

Released: Apr 21, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 6.3.2

  • Support for Visio Stencils - Diagrams can now display shapes from stencil files from Visio 2003 XML (.vsx) files.