MindFusion.Diagramming for WinForms Standard Releases

Released: Oct 16, 2022

Updates in 6.8.4


  • Added new 'PatternRouter' constructor which accepts the string definitions of link routes.
  • 'EnableParallelism' and 'MaxDegreeOfParallelism' layout properties are now available in CoreCLR assemblies (Microsoft .NET Core 3 and 5+ versions).
  • 'SvgNode' now displays bitmaps embedded in SVG content.
  • 'SvgNode' now supports dashed lines in SVG content.
  • Added new export overloads for Microsoft Excel, SVG, WMF exporter classes which allow you to write to System.IO.Stream.
  • JSON serialization...

Released: Jun 8, 2022

Updates in 6.8.3


  • Multiple labels per node
    • Includes a set of properties for full customization of display and positioning.
  • Miscellaneous
    • New behavior lets users move link and node labels interactively.
    • HorizontalOffset and VerticalOffset now work for link labels positioned using SetLinkLengthPosition method.
    • ExcelExporter now exports the pen width of links.
    • ExcelExporter now sets more precise positions of link end points.

Released: Feb 1, 2022

Updates in 6.8.2


  • Added Microsoft .NET 6 assemblies - The distribution now includes assemblies for .NET 6. Locally installed assemblies don't show automatically in toolbox at this time, you can either add them manually or through Nuget package manager.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The DiagramView MouseWheelAction property now lets you toggle between scrolling or zooming via mouse-wheel, or disable built-in support in order to apply custom logic from MouseWheel event handler.
    • ArrangeAsync method is now available in...

Released: Nov 16, 2021

Updates in 6.8.1


  • Link routing
    • Improved PatternRouter default patterns.
    • Disabling the RoutingOptions AvoidOverlaps property now lets you create routes with overlapping segments.
  • Miscellaneous
    • CellEventArgs PreventNodeEvent now lets you stop NodeClicked and NodeDoubleClicked events firing after respective cell ones.
  • API changes
    • For consistency with CellClicked and NodeClicked events, the control now also raises NodeDoubleClicked for a TableNode after CellDoubleClicked. To revert back to old behavior, set...

Released: Oct 20, 2021

Updates in 6.8.0


  • Spatial index - Set the EnableSpatialIndex property of the Diagram to create an index of item positions for faster hit-testing and viewport clipping queries. This should greatly improve user interaction and rendering speed for diagrams containing tens of thousands, or more, items.
    • Note that rendering speed improves only when showing a smaller part of the diagram inside DiagramView's viewport.
  • Pattern router - New PatternRouter class, routes links by applying patterns of segment and...

Released: Jul 2, 2021

Updates in 6.7.0


  • Scrollable containers - You can now set the ContainerNode Scrollable property to let users scroll a container's contents.
  • Container improvements
    • ContainerNode containment is no longer implemented via a Group object. Child nodes are now stored in the dedicated Children collection and a node's container is returned by the Container property.
    • You can now enable the AutoDeleteChildren property to automatically delete child nodes when a container is deleted.
    • Drag-and-drop operations from...

Released: Mar 29, 2021

Updates in 6.6.2


  • Added support for Microsoft .NET 5 assemblies.
  • ImageAlign now supports FitLeft, FitTop, FitRight and FitBottom alignment styles, which resize images to fit a node's boundaries and align them to the respective border.
  • NodeListView now displays the ToolTip value of nodes.
  • Layout classes now process DiagramLinks connected to TreeViewItems.
  • HandlesVisualStyle objects are now saved as JSON files.

Released: Oct 23, 2020

Updates in 6.6.1


  • The MoveNodes behavior allows grabbing nodes to drag them without using adjustment handles.
  • Font fallback is now enabled by default.


  • JSON serialization fixes.
  • SvgContent.LoadImage no longer tries to download SVG dtd schema definitions.
  • Fixed exception in GridRouter.

Released: Nov 5, 2019

Updates in 6.6


  • Animations - Diagram items can now be animated.
  • Animated layout - New methods also animate the movement of items.
  • JSON Serialization - Diagrams can now be serialized in JSON format.
  • .NET Core assemblies (Beta version) - MindFusion.Diagramming now includes assemblies for .NET Core 3.
  • ContainerNode Arrange method now arranges child items inside a container using a specified layout class.
  • The Diagram class now provides Arrange and ArrangeAsync (CLR 4.5+) methods that take a layout object...

Released: Sep 18, 2018

Updates in 6.5.3


Visio2013Exporter Improvements

  • The Visio2013Exporter now fully renders table, container and composite nodes.
  • The Visio2013Exporter now renders custom nodes that draw themselves through using the IGraphics interface.
  • The coordinates of exported link end points are now assigned Visio formulas and follow the borders of resized nodes.


  • Node and link Text properties have been moved to the base DiagramItem class. This makes it easier to perform text search and edit operations in...