About MobileAdvantage

Deliver amazing user experiences for any mobile device.

MobileAdvantage offers full-featured controls and components for mobile application development in HTML5/jQuery, native iOS, and Windows Phone. The toolsets include fast, reliable grids and charts, and features a wide selection of chart types to address the needs of practically any business scenario. With MobileAdvantage you get every UI control you need to create performant, vibrant, and consistent applications for decision makers on the move, all in one complete cost-effective package. MobileAdvantage includes Infragistics Ignite UI, NetAdvantage for Windows Phone, Iguana UI and NUCLiOS.

The Brand New MobileAdvantage Suite
These days, it's likely that your end users are looking to access their critical business intelligence on different, and possibly even multiple mobile platforms and devices. If you want to keep your competitive edge, your applications will need to reach all of them. That's where MobileAdvantage comes in. Infragistics have assembled a collection of controls and components for mobile application development that delivers fantastic user experiences across iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Here's What's Inside the Brand New MobileAdvantage Suite

Your All-In-One Answer for Revolutionary Apps on Any Mobile Device
MobileAdvantage offers full-featured controls and components for amazing mobile application development in HTML5/jQuery, native iOS, and Windows Phone. With three distinct toolsets, including NetAdvantage for jQuery, NetAdvantage for Windows Phone, and the new NetAdvantage for iOS (Beta). MobileAdvantage gives you a full range of high performance mobile controls and data visualization in one complete package.

Incredible iOS Controls, Gone Native
MobileAdvantage gives you early access to Infragistics' brand-new iOS toolset, currently in beta and available for RTM download following official release later this year. Build high performance, highly visual iPad and iPhone applications with native Objective C controls.

The iOS Chart controls include 25 different chart types with customization, legends, and support for the Motion Framework; while the iOS Grid control handles massive volumes of data and offers styling and templating capabilities, data binding, and common features like grouping and filtering.

Maximum Mobile BI, Optimized Mobile UI
Deliver business intelligence so decision makers can keep better tabs on their KPIs and actionable metrics wherever they are. Whether it's full-featured HTML5 Charts, thematic geospatial Maps and a Motion Framework that animates data over time for Android devices, or Bullet Graphs, Gauges or Treemaps for Windows Phone - your options are limitless. The Touch friendly controls are optimized for mobile devices and support the widest range of gestures - like flicking, pinching, panning and zooming – making it easy to interact with your data on the go.

Resources Beyond What You’d Expect
Get a rapid response and immediate support when you need it, 24 hours a day/5days a week – via phone, email, or by chat. When you need to brainstorm, join a community of over 830,000 developers from the most popular software companies to the most data-demanding enterprises. You can also tap into the sample code, videos, and documentation to keep your project on - or ahead of - target.