NOV UI for .NET Releases

Released: May 16, 2023

Updates in 2023.1


  • Added support for Microsoft .NET 7.0 - NOV now fully supports .NET Core 7.0, in addition to the supported builds for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2+, .NET Core 5.0 and .NET Core 6.0.

Released: Oct 10, 2022

Updates in 2022.3


  • Added support for Microsoft .NET Core 6.0 - NOV now has a native build for .NET Core 6.0, in addition to the supported builds for .NET Framework 4.7.2 and .NET Core 5.0.
  • Added support for NuGet packages - NOV has extended support for NuGet based deployment, with added NuGet packages for every major component in the suite, as well as for the entire suite.
  • NOV Examples for VB.NET - Every example now includes a new tab with the VB.NET code of the example. Users can also export every NOV...

Released: Feb 10, 2022

Updates in 2022.1


  • Support for .NET Core 5.0 - NOV has support for Microsoft .NET Core 5.0 as well as legacy .NET Framework 4.7.2 and above.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2022 - NOV fully integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 for both .NET Core and legacy .NET framework projects. All controls integrate with the Visual Studio toolbox automatically.
  • Improved Design-Time Support and Project Templates - Improved Visual Studio Design-Time support for all NOV controls.
  • Theme Editor - A new theme editor...

Released: Mar 17, 2021

Updates in 2021.1


General NOV Improvements

  • Hardware Accelerated Rendering - This release includes a new hardware-accelerated rendering engine based on OpenGL. This greatly improves NOV rendering speed and responsiveness in all UI-related tasks. All controls in the suite benefit directly from this new feature which is enabled by default. If the current hardware does not support hardware acceleration the rendering falls back to software rendering automatically.
  • Better Microsoft Visual Studio Integration...

Released: Dec 9, 2019

Updates in 2019.1


  • UI improvements and bug fixes.
  • Improved Mac printing and print preview support.
  • Localization improvements.
  • Design-time improvements.

Released: Jun 27, 2016

Updates in 2016.2


  • UI Improvements - Added Mac OS X El Capitan theme and Dark theme to provide a modern and stylish look and feel.
  • Visual Studio Project Templates let you quickly create new NOV applications either for a specific platform or a portable one, which targets multiple platforms from a single code base.

Released: Jan 12, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 2016.1 (build V16.1.11.12)

  • Task Dialog - a dialog box similar to a message box, but with many additional features and elements.
  • Range Sliders and Range Scrollbars - lets the user easily select a range of values.
  • Meta Image Box - lets you display vector images from the Windows Metafile (WMF) and Enhanced Metafile (EMF) formats in your application.
  • Visual Studio Toolbox integration and design-time support for WinForm and WPF projects. Supports VS 2012, VS 2013 and VS 2015.