Oxygen XML Developer Enterprise Releases

Released: Dec 13, 2022

Updates in V25.0 Build ID: 2022121306


  • Oxygen Publishing Engine/Security/Component Update: Updated the Jackson Databind (jackson-databind) library to version


  • Author: Fixed a serialization issue where whitespaces disappeared from the saved XML content when comments were added over content that ends with whitespaces.
  • Author/DITA: Fixed an issue where Markdown documents were not converted to DITA when references to these types of files were inserted in DITA content.
  • DITA/Smart Paste: Fixed an issue where the...

Released: Nov 7, 2022

Updates in V25.0 Build ID: 2022110706


  • Security/Component Update/SVG support: Updated the Batik library to version 1.16 to avoid vulnerabilities CVE-2022-41704 and CVE-2022-42890.
  • Component Update/XProc: Updated the XML Calabash library to version 1.5.2-110 that solves some errors regarding the integration with the Saxon processor.
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Added the '-oxy-space-before-conditionality' and '-oxy-space-after-conditionality' properties to offer better control for discarding margins.
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry/Security...

Released: Oct 13, 2022

Updates in V25.0



  • JSON Schema Version 2020-12 Support in Oxygen - Support has been added for the latest JSON schema version 2020-12. This includes:
    • Validating JSON schemas version 2020-12 accordingly to the specification.
    • Content completion proposals when editing JSON schemas version 2020-12.
    • Validating JSON/YAML documents against a JSON schema version 2020-12.
    • Converting older JSON schemas to version 2020-12.
    • A specific framework that will allow you to edit JSON schema documents in Author mode...

Released: Sep 23, 2022

Updates in V24.1 Build ID: 2022092207


  • Core: Removed the "java.net.preferIPv4Stack=true" property from all scripts and launchers to allow IPv6 network connections.
  • Security/Component Update: The SnakeYAML library was updated to version 1.31.
  • WebHelp Responsive: Updated jQuery UI library to version 1.13.2. Known issue: The list from Help > About, Frameworks has not been updated and still indicates jQuery UI 1.12.1.
  • Oxygen Publishing Engine/Security/Component Update: Updated the SnakeYAML library to version 1.31.


Released: Jun 20, 2022

Updates in V24.1 Build ID: 2022062007


  • DITA Publishing: Improved the speed of DITA transformations when publishing on Microsoft Windows from an Oxygen installation that includes Java 17, or when using the Oxygen Publishing Engine from the command line with Java 9 or newer.
  • Security/Component Update: Switched to using the Nokogiri fork of the NekoHTML library, which contains some security updates.


  • Author/Smart paste: Fixed an issue where MS Word-specific comments in content copied from a Word document were not...

Released: Apr 20, 2022

Updates in V24.1 Build ID: 2022041507


  • Component Update: Updated the Jackson library to version 2.13.2 and the Databind library to version
  • Component Update: The XML Calabash library was updated to version 1.4.1-100.
  • JSON Diagram: Restricted the usage of the "Convert to any type definition" action on "additionalProperties" and "additionalItems".


  • Editors/Terminology Checker: Fixed an issue where some of the editors corresponding to files reopened when switching between projects sometimes did not load (showing...

Released: Mar 10, 2022

Updates in V24.1


JSON Schema Design Mode

  • Added JSON Schema Design mode drag-and-drop support - You can now design your JSON Schema in the Design mode by using drag-and-drop support. You can move or reorder components just by dragging and dropping into the correct location. Oxygen will display a connector to help you visualize the drop location and will highlight the connector with red when the component is not allowed in that particular location.
  • New Palette View makes schema building easy in JSON...

Released: Jan 31, 2022

Updates in V24.0 Build ID: 2022012607


  • Security: Updated the Apache Log4j 2 library to version 2.17.1.
  • OpenJDK JRE: Upgraded bundled OpenJDK JRE to 17.0.2.
  • WebHelp Responsive: The menu bar background color now defaults to white if no other color is set to have it clearly visible when it overlaps the page content while scrolling down.


  • Diff Files: Fixed a bug where copying changes from one file to the other resulted in duplicated content.

Released: Dec 16, 2021

Updates in V24.0 Build ID: 2021121318


  • Security: Updated the Apache Log4j 2 library to version 2.16.


  • DITA/Transformation: Fixed a problem that caused MathML equations to not be rendered in the PDF, when using the "PDF - based on XSL-FO" transformation.

Released: Dec 13, 2021

Updates in V24.0 Build ID: 2021121317


  • Critical/Security: Updated the Apache Log4j 2 library to version 2.15 to avoid the Log4Shell exploit.
  • OpenJDK JRE: Upgraded bundled OpenJDK JRE to 17.0.1.
  • Apple macOS Silicon: Updated OpenJFX from bundled OpenJDK JRE to a newer version that avoids a consistent application crash on macOS 12.


  • macOS/Java 17/Keyboard Shortcuts: Fixed an issue where the Alt-Arrows and the Alt-Shift-Arrows shortcuts did not work in the Text/Author editing modes when the Alt/Option key from the right...