PEERNET File Conversion Center Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for PEERNET File Conversion Center, please contact our PEERNET licensing specialists.

One software license is required per user per machine.
Run-time royalty free.

PEERNET’s On-Going Licensing and Support Subscription is for a one (1) year term and includes the ability to request a license adjustment, priority technical support, and continuous access to your software download, including all updates and upgrades, via your online account.

A license adjustment is required when the software is being moved from one computer to another computer, or being re-loaded after a computer crash or operating system upgrade. Essentially, you need a license adjustment any time the computer identity changes. Without a valid subscription, you would have to purchase a new license in any of these situations.

On-Going Licensing and Support Subscription also provides you the confidence that you have access to the latest release of the software at all times, and priority technical support if required.

On-Going Licensing and Support Subscription can be renewed each year.

License Agreements