PEERNET File Conversion Center Releases

Released: Feb 17, 2021

Updates in 6.0.012


  • Adds support for Adobe DC 2021 Edition.
  • Validated against GhostScript 9.54.0 and previous versions.

Released: Feb 18, 2020

Updates in 6.0.011


  • Adds support for Adobe DC 2020 Edition.

Released: Oct 17, 2018

Updates in 6.0.010


  • Adds support for Adobe DC 2019 Edition.
  • Validated against Office 2019 Perpetual installation.
  • Validated against Ghostscript 9.25 and previous versions.


  • Fixed creation of monochrome TIFF files, and fax formats Profile F or Profile S, to comply with hardware fax solutions requirements.

Released: Jan 8, 2018

Updates in v6.0.009


  • Adds support for Adobe DC 2017 Edition.


  • Fixed prompt for Trusted Certificates updates that stopped PDF files from being converted. Applies to Adobe Reader 11.0 and higher versions.

Released: Aug 17, 2017

Updates in 6.0.008


  • Fixed issue of pages not scaling to the correct size when converting PDF files using Adobe Reader 10 or higher.
  • Fixed file extensions registration so that saved job files (.fcc6) can be opened in FCC by double-clicking.

Released: Apr 20, 2017

Updates in 6.0.007


  • Adds support for Adobe DC 2017 Edition.
  • Adds support for Ghostscript 9.18, 9.20 and 9.21.
  • Adds support for Office 2016.


  • Fixed resource leaks when converting files.
  • Improved locking of printer so multiple FCC running instances would not interfere with each other.
  • Fixed error occurring at the end of conversion when converting very large PDF files using Ghostscript.
  • Added DCOM launch and activation permissions for BATCH group to allowed scheduled tasks to use FCC in a non...

Released: Jul 26, 2016

Updates in 6.0.006


  • Maintenance patch to bring underlying printer components up to date with all features and fixes.

Released: May 4, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 6.0.005

  • Fixed conversion speed and CPU usage issue with black and white images. Problem was introduced by underlying changes in architecture required for the newer operating systems. Conversion speeds are now comparable with older releases of File Conversion Center.
  • Updated the install to allow for installing under the SYSTEM account via SCCM and installer now force ALLUSERS to TRUE when installing under SYSTEM.

Released: Mar 8, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 6.0.004

  • Fixes: For very large images that do not fit in memory software processes the images in bands. Peernet fixed a one pixel error when banded images are upside down which created a one pixel gap in between the bands when reassembled into a single image.

Released: Jan 22, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 6.0.003

  • Fixed issue where jobs stop converting (hang) randomly on some systems, caused by some unknown Microsoft Windows update.