Raster Image Printer 12.0.006

Released: Jun 22, 2021

Updates in 12.0.006


  • Added printing resolution to Printing Preferences dialog. This enables you to print documents, charts or diagrams at a resolution that matches the output resolution of the image/PDF being generated by the virtual image printer. This support enhances the quality of documents which are heavily dependent on line thicknesses or line weights. Useful for users printing AutoCAD drawings, land charts/maps and/or well logs.
  • Added new output resolution option for profiles to automatically match the printing resolution set on the printer. This behavior matches earlier versions of the printer.
  • Added advanced settings option to Printer Management to edit the printer’s resolution, paper size, and orientation, as well as additional options for the Save As dialog behavior.
  • Add ShellPrint, ShellPrintTo and PrintUsingCommand methods back to the PNSrv12 COM library for backwards compatibility.


  • Install now correctly checks for pending reboot required by printer driver update.
  • Fixed issue with rendering print streams containing images that are actually paint color masks with foreground brush.
  • Fixed rendering issues with masked color images, alpha-masked images and incorrect PNG RGBA colored images.
  • Fixed issue with font aliasing.
  • Fixed issue with embedded JPEG images containing sRGB color profile produced incorrect RGB colored images.