Raster Image Printer 12.0.014

Released: May 25, 2022

Updates in 12.0.014


  • Added support for undefined '%ENVIRONMENTVARIABLE%' which is used at the start of a path or file name. It is used in the Save, Filename Creator, Stamping, Run Commands, Email and Zip settings.
  • Added new RunCommand batch file 'PNRenameFilesSubString.bat' that allows you to rename the output filename using a substring of the original name.
  • Added new command line install options to remove application shortcuts, Dashboard, Print Management, Profile Manager, or Profile Editor features for customized printer setups with locked settings. Only valid for Subscription licenses.
    • SHOWUI=FALSE does not install the Dashboard menu items and desktop shortcuts.
    • NOTIFYUI=FALSE does not install Microsoft Windows notification components for update and subscriptions notifications. Only on Windows 10 and higher or Windows Server 2016 and higher.
    • NOEDIT=TRUE removes the Profile Editor feature and hides the Manage Profiles\Edit Profile button on the Printing Preferences dialog.
    • NOMGR=TRUE removes access to the Profile Manager feature from the Dashboard, popup stating feature not enabled is shown instead.
    • NOPMGT=TRUE removes access to the Print Management from the Dashboard, popup stating feature not enabled is shown instead.
    • NODASH=TRUE removes the Dashboard application and its shortcut from the install.
  • Improved startup error information in event log and added 'copy to clipboard' option for Dashboard, Profile Manager and Profile Editor for troubleshooting.
  • Improved wording and options for updating licenses from an expired state.
  • Improved error messages and handling of licensing states when the local license fails to update.


  • Docusign signatures were being output as black boxes.
  • Resolved rendering issues with some scaled images from Internet Explorer missing in final output.
  • Creating a folder with limited permissions would cause the Profile Manager to crash.
  • Run Commands command preview now correctly updates when switching between command types.
  • Print Management saves and deletes correctly when adding additional printers with other renamed but unsaved printers in the printer list.