About RadaeePDF SDK for Windows

Render, manipulate and annotate PDF files on Windows 10.

RadaeePDF SDK for Windows 10 helps you to build better mobile applications. Using the featured PDF reader engine and its set of professional features is now a quick and simple procedure. RadaeePDF SDK for Windows 10 extends your applications' features with stunning PDF capabilities on smartphones, tablets, notebooks, convertibles, desktops. RadaeePDF SDK for Windows 10 features include PDF rendering engine for Windows 10, PDF annotation, PDF creation and PDF multimedia support.

RadaeePDF SDK Features:

  • Fully compatible with PDF1.7 file structure - Read, view and modify documents in the most widely-used PDF format version.
  • C++ code with assembly optimization for great performance - True native code compiled from C++ sources.
  • Text, hyperlink, geometric primitives and free hand annotations - Annotate PDFs with hyperlinks, text, sketches or insert complex binary objects into your PDFs.
  • AES and RC4 encryption / decryption protection - Full AES256 cryptography ensures high-level protection for your documents.
  • Text Handling - Text search and extraction and text highlight are some of the most commonly-requested features.
  • PDF form editing and writing - Create, write, read acrofields (form fields).

RadaeePDF SDK for Mobiles (formerly PDFViewer SDK) helps you to build better mobile applications.

It provides a full featured API that renders and manipulates PDF files on mobile operating systems (WindowsPhone/Windows10 UWP), offering a complete PDF reader with annotation, form, text search extraction capabilities. The RadaeePDF SDK framework's fast and stable native libraries are optimized to work on ARM, x86 and MIPS architectures both 32bit and 64bit. Developers can extend features and customize behavior adopting the complete set of API from the native RadaeePDF SDK tool.

RadaeePDF SDK is available in 3 editions; Standard, Professional and Premium.

RadaeePDF SDK Standard

  • Fast rendering engine (ARM/64, x86/64, MIPS).
  • Text search, text extraction.
  • Multiple page layout.
  • Thumbnails view.
  • Table of contents reading.
  • Text selection and clipboard support.
  • PDF decryption (3DES, AES128, AES256).
  • Open from file system or stream array.

RadaeePDF SDK Professional

  • All the features from Standard plus:
    • Text reflow rendering (ebook style)
    • Text annotations
    • Handwritten annotations
    • Geometric primitive annotations
    • Multimedia annotations
    • Hyperlinks support
    • PDF permission manipulation
    • Re-save annotated/modified PDF

RadaeePDF SDK Premium

  • All the features from Professional plus:
    • PDF form fields reading
    • PDF form fields creation
    • Simple page manipulation (add text, add image)
    • PDF page manipulation (create, move, rotate, etc.)
    • Table of contents manipulation
    • Metadata handling
    • Save as new encrypted PDF