RadaeePDF Classic SDK for Windows Releases

Released: Apr 19, 2021

Updates in v2.x


Updated Apr 19, 2021


  • Added a new rendering framework written in C++ to enhance performance and dimensions.
  • Added new PageContent.DrawText() method which can set bounding width and max count of lines. Will return drawn chars and drawn lines.
  • Added new layout: PDF_LAYOUT_MODE.
  • Added new PDFSign.Name method to get the name of the signer.
  • Added new PDFAnnot.SignField parameter to set the name of the signer.
  • You can now list all pages and rotate/delete pages.
  • You can now add Editbox...

Released: Feb 27, 2021

Updates in v1.20


Updated Feb 27, 2021


  • Core lib is fully updated and aligned to Android version 3.55.2.
  • New improved way to manage stress marked letters during searches (i.e.: "e" is handled as it is "è" or "é" and other).
  • Enhanced ibjpeg change marco JDCT_DEFAULT from JDCT_ISLOW to JDCT_IFAST.


  • Fixed wrong transparency initialization in some rare case.
  • Fixed crash issue (modify content of editbox).
  • Fixed issue when loading bad linearized header.
  • Fixed need to wrap GSSave()/GSRestore() twice...

Released: Apr 3, 2020

Updates in v1.11.x


Updated Oct 7, 2020


  • Core lib is fully updated and aligned to Android version 3.53.6.
  • New methods PDFSign.Reason, PDFSign.Location, PDFSign.Contact, PDFSign.ModTime.
  • New method PDFDoc.LinearizedStatus to get linearized information.
  • New method PDFAnnot.Sign.
  • New method PDFAnnot.EditTextAlign, PDFAnnot.StrokeDash.
  • New method PDFDoc.SetOpenFlag to set open flag, relate to linearized PDF.
  • Enhanced image rendering and transparency group rendering by checking drawable area.
  • Enhanced...

Released: Nov 4, 2019

Updates in v1.10.x


Updated Jan 29, 2020


  • Fixed tensor pattern rendering issue in mask form(gray mode).
  • Fixed invoking Document.ImportPage() on a memory modified stream object in a PDF file.


Updated Jan 10, 2020


  • Core lib is fully updated and aligned to Android version 3.53.2


  • Fixed free text annotation issue (when width of a long word exceed width of multi-line text box).
  • Fixed minor issue while creating an annotation.
  • Fixed memory issue when removing blank chars of field name.

Released: May 30, 2019

Updates in v1.9.99


  • Introduces initial support for an internal rich media player.
  • Enhances replacement of the Tinos font with a distributed font (TeX-Gyre-Termes) that improves the rendering of the Times New Roman family characters. 


  • Fixes render quality for a special pdf.
  • Fixes an issue while splitting a specific pdf into multiple ones.